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Aprilia Pegaso thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OldBellHelmet, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone got one of these and can shed some light on the pros and cons of owning one.. would be using it for general riding to work with weekend outings..

  2. i was looking at getting a 'factory' but decided against it in favour of a more boring bike that would be easier to get parts for when/if required.

    IMO its an awesome machine, but compared to what else is around for the same money, it was hard to justify the purchase.
  3. those are my exact thoughts as an er6 is about the same cost
  4. Better choices for new bikes, but a good second hand one and priced well, makes for a good all roads bike.

    Their resale is not the best, and whilst over two years since my last Aprilia, parts were then a bit of a pain. So could not recommend as only transport.

    Maybe check out BMW 650 Dakar (21" front) or the normal 650GS, with fuel injection :cool:
  5. They're a verry meh bike for 13grand if you ask me

    for around 7grand you could get a brand new suzuki dr650se which is basically the same bike, but is gonna be more reliable, cheaper to run, probably last longer and hold its resale value better.

    think of how many cool bits of gear and cool bike tours you could spend that extra 6 grand on.

    plus no-one will think the pegaso is cool....definetly not cool enough to justify the almost double price tage of the 650

    my 2c
  6. or this: Yammy XT660X

  7. yes it would appear the aprilia is a bit of a bad choice and i have always had an eye for the XT660. i might be test riding this saturday i do believe.
  8. hehehe dont get me started on the xt660x either :p
  9. The same bike 'eh :p

    DR's have their place, but also have 20 year old technology :wink:

  10. yeah i dont think the pegaso is particularly overpriced, just that it comes with some inconveniences.

    it does have the looks though, IMO.

    the yammy is only a little less $$ but seems pretty similar from first impressions - not having ridden either, but looked at both in the flesh and on paper.
  11. as a "Bike" they look pretty simmilar, dualsport 650 thumpers and whats 3 or 4 hp between friends

    however the Ape is prettier and has tonnes of shiny bits like Gold wheels and pretty graphics....but when it comes down to it ...its still a 650 thumper but overpriced by 30-40%. perhaps you dont like the tried and true (outdated and ugly) looks/tech of the dr, thats fine

    for the cost of the Ape you could get a speed trip which is much more bike for the cash if you dont want to go onto the dirt....but again its not a dual-sport if thats what you particularly want....but i wouldnt want to get the prilia dirty anyway

    just my 2c
  12. i wouldnt be taking any of them on the dirt on a regular basis just want it more for urban assult. the aprilia is the best looking for sure even if overpriced.
  13. urban assault? check out the KTM 690SM. its a grand or 2 more expensive, but they are much more powerfull and motards are the most fun you can have with your pants on.
  14. Didn't take long to agree on something :wink:

    DR's sales success speaks for itself - they're a do it all bike with average seat, range and suspension, so more $$'s. However, still a great bike for Adventure riding.
  15. the KTM may be a budget breaker though.. have been driving past one as i go past procyles hornsby for a few months and they are the ducks danglies for sure.
  16. there are plenty of other cool tards arround. google away

    just stay away from the racespec ones if you dont like doing lots of servicing and short lifespans
  17. i dont care about servicing but i would want a few years out of the thing..
  18. My brother has the Strada model. He got it as his Ls/Ps bike a couple of years ago and hasn't had any problems with it. I've ridden it several times including as a daily ride for about a month when he went interstate for work. I find it quite good in and around traffic with the extra height and upright seating position giving good visibility over cars and giving good maneuverability.

    It's comfortable enough for longer rides and capable enough for a fun run through the twisties making it a good overall bike.

    But then I'd expect a similar experience from any of the similar bikes around. Especially the BMW and Yamaha which are both based around the same BRP Rotax motor as the Aprilia.
  19. The engine depends on the year. All pre 2005 Pegaso did have the Rotax engine and were built on the same line as the BMW F650GS.
    Since 2005 the Pegaso has had the same 660cc engine as the Yamaha XT660s.

    Either way there are number of very active forums on the Aprilia or the Yamaha.

    Then again I'm a bit bias towards the Aprilia, I have a 2005 Strada