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Aprilia Pegaso - good commuter bike ???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mickyb V9, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Anyone have experience with this bike ?

    Marvin-Greg and I were doing some tyre kicking today and we found these two babies.


    The one on the right is the pick of the two.
    It comes with panniers and tank bag.

    I'm thinking its a good replacement for the VTR as a commuter.
    It fulfils my italian bike garage.
    It can do some trails.
    And I can hang around Gregg (V-Strom) and Greg (TDM) . . . . :LOL:

    Any opinions on the 650cc single cylinder for use as a commuter ?
    I sat on it, and its comfy as ! . . . still a bit tippy-toe though, but manageable.

    I think my scooter aspirations has gone out the window after sitting on this baby. . . . . :eek:
  2. Use the search function .. there's a long review post/topic on them.
  3. Similar to the BMW F650, nice enough bike, much more street orientated than other 650 Thumpers and you should have no worries doing easy gravel roads. Never ridden the Pegaso but if you want it as a daily ride, get something else, Aprilia and readily available spare parts, are not words that generally go in the same sentence.
  4. hey Alex.
    yeah, i'm bored with the VTR, looking at options on whether I sell or maintain as my commuter.

    The Pegaso on the right looked the goods !
    Greg and I got pretty excited over it, the full luggage setup, tank protector and black/grey color combo looked hot !!

    I might test ride.
  5. Aprilia makes the motors for the BMW 650...and a lot of Aprilia/BMW/KTM/late Guzzi/Duke bits are interchandeable...
    just a matter of being bothered to find out...I think it should
    be rock solid reliable...but have comprehensive insurance...
    at least untill theres a few in the wreckers :wink:
    btw,I've seen KTM supemotos hooning around in Melb CBD... :cool:
    ...could be worth a look too...
  6. Hi Micky

    The Pegaso is a pretty good looking bike, and I imagine its priced pretty sharp plus would be good fun on the dirt . If that is what you are aiming at doing, why not follow JohnG's idea and have a look at some super motos? I think they'd make a great commuter and you've still got some off road ability. Aprilia also makes a hot looking super moto SXV 5.5
  7. I wouldn't even bother with the SXV 5.5. ... I think it's recommended you replace the pistons / rings every 60 hours of engine operating time.

    :cry: :shock: :cry:

    Even without racing the bike I assume the rest of maintenance schedule is similar. They do look freaking awesome though ... if you get a chance have a look at one in person. Photos don't do it justice - it looks completely insane, especially that supersport tyre stuck on the back.

    There's a comprehensive review of the Pegaso here though.
  8. funny you guys mentioned the KTM . . .

    I had a touch and feel of a SuperDuke today. An old school friend has one.

    The KTM SuperDuke is insane !!!! :shock:
    Only if I could touch the ground. :grin:

  9. It's fuel injected - Pegaso 650.
  10. I am riding the F650 and as a commuter it is great fro me! Nimble enough in and around traffic, good torque, enough speed to get uot of trouble etc The pegaso is very similar, so much so that many parts are interchangeable....I reccomend that you do a search on one of the UK sites as there were/are some maintence issues with some Pegs.
    It is a goodly commute, though I would tend towards road tyres for everyday use.
    cheers :cool:
  11. i've taken on step closer guys !!

    The plan is to sell the VTR, and get a Aprilia Pegaso Strada 650ie.
    Took the baby for a long spin today . . and I LOVE IT !!!

    BTW, the engine is the Yammy XTX660 engine.



    So hopefully soon it'll be an Italian bike garage in 2007 . . . .
    HAving a Road bike and Motard . . .

    . . . only 3 more bikes untill I have that 5 bike garage ! LOL :LOL:

    And i can touch the ground !
    This is the Enduro for me !! . . .
    I'll still have the Ducati, now I have to buy a thermos to carry the Latté Frappechino ! :rofl:

  12. :rofl: @ your draggins tucked into your boots :p
  13. Hiya Mickyb, I've been dreaming and obsessing over this bike.

    You look pretty comfortable on the Pegaso there, could I ask how tall you are?

    I'm about 5'8" - 5'9" , myself and my girlfriend wants a matching bike - she's 5'2" - 5'3".

    Also does it get away from 4 wheeled traffic comfortably from a red light?
  14. yeah, so if i have an off, the pants won't roll up and expose skin !!!

    dude, this bike has poke !!
    Its torquey and does get away from traffic pretty well.
    Even in flowing traffic, you forget what speed your doing because its so smooth and powerful. Filtering wise, its not too wide - I guess filtering becomes difficultwhen you put paniers on it.
  15. I recognise this place! Going for an "expert" opinion were you? :LOL:
  16. hahahaha ! :LOL:

    It was just down the road during my 1hr test ride.
  17. have you considered the Peg Trail? or are you not interested in off road work?
  18. They are the same bike.

    The trail has a BMW GS style duck-bill front guard, 19in spoked rims, seat height higher, higher windscreen.

    I reckon the Strada has more street cred !!!