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Aprilia parts Cant wait for the Italians to send em!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by 2troo, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Hello all! I'm depending on you guys out there to give me some big hints on where to get some bits for our 2001 Aprilia RST Futura 1000...
    Right hand handle bar
    right foot peg
    right pillion peg
    foot brake pedal
    right mirror/indicator
    End weight caps for handle bar
    any right side fairings
    No prizes for guessing which side came down..again!! Only this time my knee wasnt there to cushion the blow!!!!
    I know u know I ride a leetle 125 scoot but this is my other ride.. and it takes me to heaven every time.... even as a pillion and I dont want to wait forever for parts... please help :)

  2. E-bay is your friend im sure thers something there even if its generic,or wait for the wogs to get there shit together :grin:
  3. Have a look around here to see if anyone there can point you in the right direction

  4. Check ebay UK and italy as well, usually heaps more parts for italian bikes.
  5. Thanks Guys!
    We have Aprilia parts coming from all over the globe now! :grin:
    I will try to keep track of what from where and how good the costs and service is... Yay! We are back on the road!
  6. AF1 run the Aprilia forum. They have an online shop and as well as offering outstanding service, their prices are very keen. If you don't want to ebay and all the hassles that can sometimes cause, I recommend AF1 over the tardy service and support you get from some of the local dealers and JSG.
  7. thanks cejay! We have decided that we need to look after our Futura coz its such a damn good hard ride for two! Next year we will be on the look out for a bike for the track so that our Futura can continue to give us all the spirited fun we have every time we ride out. :)