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Aprilia Marketing - buy a bike get a free scooter!

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by V2, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Not sure what anyone wanting an adventure bike would want a scooter for - but I guess you get a few bucks back if you sell it on ebay!

    Free Scooter
  2. That just seems bizarre to me.
  3. Not sure many Doso riders would see value in a scoot......
  4. the scooter is to keep your wife happy
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  5. You ride the scooter while the other bike is getting repaired
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  6. I think the theory might be "increase the customer base" give away the scooter the wife takes an interest and gets licensed = new potential customer.
  7. Most likely the sales of the scooters are going really slowly. There are probably some sort of tax savings to be made doing it this way??
  8. This is all speculation here. But I'm not that surprised. At my shop scooters are pretty slow movers. Well in comparison to road bikes. Which pale in comparison to offroad trail/motocross bikes. I think I've seen one scooter sell in the past five months.

    I'm not really what's happening there.
  9. It is kind of like buying a top shelf scotch then getting a "Shandy for the little lady"
  10. in the sydney CBD (and outer CBD) there a scooter only bike shops, which are well established (10-20 years in business) from malabar to north sydney and west to around Marrickville if you see something with 2 wheels its more often a scooter.

    Head a bit further west to where i live and bike shops have a dark corner with 1 or 2 scooters on display, and scooters are a rare sight, but speed limits are higher and you get to most places using a motorway.
  11. this is possible but it rarely makes good business sense to just give something away, even if they were trying to move some stock selling a scoot for $500 would move the stock make cover dealer overheads and give some tax advantages.

    I still think the promotion is about getting headlines increasing the number of Aprillias you see in the wild and increasing the customer base.
  12. Maybe the sales of the bike itself aren't going well? That would make more sense although I think most people in the market would prefer some extra gear or waived on roads or something rather than a scooter u have to pay the extra on roads for also & then prob won't be able to flog that easily I wouldn't have said. Ok if u want something for ur wife or kids to ride maybe as u say.
  13. I wonder if it has something to do with total emission values per brand.

    I know in the car industry some marquees have to sell a certain amount of small cars per year to keep their "brand emission" low.

    For instance, Aston Martin who exclusively build thirsty, big and seal clubbing cars also re-brand the Toyota IQ and resell it as the Aston Cygnet.


    Selling the smaller car under the same marquee helps to offset their emission quota as a brand.

    Wonder if this applies to the bike industry?
  14. Heh, imagine telling a date "I'll pick you up in my Aston" only to rock up in that!

    It would be hard to open the door with those 'ghost handles' too.
  15. I love the Toyota IQ, its cute. I personally wouldn't have one despite that though but I'm surprised we don't have them here. Don't see why not either as they're not very different to the Smart cars (or plastic bread bins on wheels as I call them). Some family friends over in Yorkshire have one, I couldn't believe how tiny it was when I saw it, they go ok surprisingly and have more room than you'd think too, perfect for zipping around the villages etc.
  16. I don't know about your wife, but if I ever came home with a scooter (that wasn't intended for racing on Go Cart tracks) my wife would divorce me on the grounds that she thought she'd married a man, not some skirt wearing pansie.
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  17. well then you give it some 20 y.o. hipster chick
  18. Hehehe, no, a mate of mine has a guy son, he could have it....
  19. The fuel economy on the dorso is terrible, it would be the only way you could afford to bbuy it.:barefoot: