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Aprilia had an accident... where to go for a checkup?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by AhrimaaN, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys, as you may have seen in some other threads, a cager cut me off and I proceeded to ride into his boot, land on his car and then he drove off leaving me and the bike on the road (RS 125).

    What I'm wondering is where is a good place in Melbourne to take my bike for a check up, perhaps a RWC (to make sure all is ok)... (I need a RWC anyway as it is a repairable write off but I want to fix it majorately myself.

    I've been to A1 motorcycles Ringwood for the insurance quote and I've been very disappointed with them after that - they missed really obvious things that needed fixing and when I picked my bike up they lost one of my mirrors (obviously stuck it on another bike as it was in perfect condition). They then proceeded to want me to come out another time to pick up a mirror (which I refused) and then sent me in the post a mirror that obviously wasn't from my bike, that was really deeply/badly scratched on the back. Suffice to say I will never deal with them again, and warn others away.

    Is there any other reputable Aprilia mechanics in Melbourne that are fairly trustworthy? I have just over three weeks to get my bike VIVed so am on bit of a deadline here! At the very least I need any mechanic (not aprilia) to fix up my forks.

    The damage on my bike that I can tell that would effect my RWC, are:
    - bent fork (wheel out of alignment) - is this a huge problem? A1 quoted (second time after they missed it first time) a front alignment cost of $100. Although I'm wondering am I up for a whole new fork(s) or spindle etc? - this is the toughest one for me to assess - hence I want to take it to a decent mechanic to check it out. - Could this just be a yoke issue - misaligned etc??
    - headlight cover/unit broken - so need a new one. I am about to order one from the UK which is almost under half the cost of one from A1
    - LHS handlebar bent downwards - how it happened I do not know... the bike fell on the other side in the accident??? - the RHS bar seems 100% straight to my eyes which is strange?
    - Front fairing has some broken screw posts to hold the headlight on. I suppose I can take this to a Fairing place to get fixed pretty easily.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    I'm tempted to get Rolling Motorcycle Mechanics to come out and have a look at it just so they can tell me what I need for RWC and what to do with the fork.

    Later on closer to the date of VIVing I'll go to my local car mechanic that does bikes too to get it RWC, but in the meantime I do want to get it properly fixed up so it is safe for me, I just don't want to be ripped off with heaps of extraneous things, which I am highly suspect A1 would do.
  2. I noticed there is an Aprilia (and Guzzi) dealer in Hoddle Street near Collingwood town hall. Can't give you any info on how good they are, though.
    What part of town are you in?
  3. Yes I just found out about that Hoddle St dealer, I'll give them a call tomorrow.

    Let's hope my fork isn't totally borked. If not it is totally doable to get this bike Roadworthied again, meaning I am back on the road with a great bike again, at minimal outlay, infact if I get it back on the road I am way ahead with the insurance money I've received.