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Aprilia FV2 concept bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. apriliaconcept1.
    The Aprilia FV2 concept bike debuts the firm’s new 1200cc V-twin engine, a DOHC design based on the 750c motor from the Shiver.

    The V-twin is mounted in a fully carbon-fibre chassis, which is both the main structure of the bike and, thanks to its hollow design, doubles as the airbox for the engine.

    Overall, the firm claims the prototype weighs under 160kg.

    The parallelogram front suspension again uses carbon-fibre for its main parts to save weight.

    The engine uses an electronic fly-by-wire throttle system, while other electronic systems include traction control, ABS brakes and an electronic suspension management system – something Aprilia has yet to reveal details about.

  2. If it went into production would you buy one?
  3. Interesting looking piece of kit, a lot of power with not much weight.

    However, with all the money they spent on the bike couldn't they have spared a bit to have a more attractive showgirl? :p
  4. Check out how high the seat is and how low the bars are. Makes my wrists ache just looking at it.
  5. what exactly is new? Carbon this, carbon that? ABS? traction control? Fly-by-wire? Been there, done that. Some even years ago. Everything else looks pretty much standard, only Picasso'ed up in typical concept fashion. Looks like Brad Pitt in Robocop foam party suite.
  6. But they are fairly close to you, so it looks like it could be ok, but only just ok.
  7. seating pos, looks no different to any supersport on the market, just looks different as its a naked which usually have a touring style set up

    the bike is ugly as sin but would make up for that in wheelies, and pure pull, smashing all I4's out of any corner
  8. I was about to say "look at the wheelbase, not the nicest for a wheelie" but then i remembered its only supposed to weight 160kg.
  9. I think that adequately answers the question. It's a new engine, and the whole bike is completely new to the rest of their range. This ain't just another nip and tuck Gixxer 750 K7,8,9,10.... you can't even tell what they change from year to year without them telling you. :p Good to see someone other than BMW using electronic safety & suspension gear too... even if it's just a concept bike.

    I'd be interested. Particularly if they do something with motard bars like the Tuono. Tuono with 1200cc and ABS? Yes please. :grin:
  10. You see, Japs constantly play with their engines. Widen this, narrow that and so on. Hence is this level of safistication and a new engine virtually every year, whereas it takes italians decades to twick theirs. It's actually about time Aprilia brought out a new twin. This bike doesn't feel radical to me overall. My gixer looks more high tech from behind to be honest. Yes it's good to see all that stuff on a bike other than BMW, but let's imagine, for a brief second, if all that did filter down to the production model. What would be the price tag? Italians are not cheap as it is. In this shape, you can forget about it right now. But as you said it's new to the rest of their range. Then I agree. :)
  11. True enough. Always pay a bit more for an Italian bike, especially loaded with technology like this one. There's no way this would be production though. A full carbon-fibre bike would be a ridiculous price.

    I think the problem with the Jap bikes (somewhat) is they fiddle so much they manage to get the maximum power out of a given engine... by ripping out it's soul. :LOL: