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Aprilia for your L's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iamvinhy, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Has anyone here had an aprilia rs125 for there first bike?
    how was it? :LOL:

  2. I currently have an aprilia rs 125 on my L's...well not at the moment as its banged up. But the time i did spend on it was great. They are super light, offer great top end speed and handle great around twisties. Its a great bike to get low and do some knee sliding on at track days.

    You definately get looks from people when you're riding an aprilia regardless of the engine size. I wouldn't have any other bike on my L's regardless of the running cost, the bike is too good to pass up.
  3. Is it cheap to run? Any problems with it?
  4. An aprilia or any other 2 stroke machine require more maintenance...the most obvious is topping the bike up with 2 stroke oil. Which can be very pricey if you ride the bike often, so in that regard its not cheap to run. Plus to really keep the bike running smooth its recommended you de-carbonise the cyclinder and clean out the exhaust around every 4k...which costs about $700 roughly.
  5. A guy at a motorbike store told me they are a good machine if you like to ride it. He said that every 6ks or so you'll have to spend about $700 to maintain it.

    I was planning on either an Aprilia or a Kawasaki ZX2R - everyone says the ZX2R is the best choice because it is low maintenance.

    Thanks for your help - I think id rather have a ZX2R
  6. Vinhy,

    Ill have one of two Aprilia RS125s I have for sale in a few weeks if your interested...