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Aprilia for my L's ??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by iamvinhy, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. I was thinking of maybe buying an Aprilia RS125 for my first bike.
    Is this a good idea? It's completely under my budget which is great.

    From a dealer it costs about $7, 500 which is far too expensive but from a private sale its about $5000+ for a recent model.

    Is it safe to buy from a private seller? Is there anyway I can garuntee theres nothing wrong with the bike? :?
  2. Get an RS250 instead....power is everything!

    No and no.

  3. Are you sure RS250's are still legal in NSW? Didnt they change the laws?

    What if I ask them to get a mechanic to check it out and give me something which shows its ok?
  4. i'd really suggest getting the ZX2R your so keen on. strokers are great fun but they're high maintenance and can put an inexperienced person on their arse. theres a lot of room for error on a 4 stroke 250 both in riding and in maintenance, you lose a lot of that going to a stroker. strokers really aint made with learners in mind, they're race bikes with lights and they want to be ridden like that....

    just grab a 4 stroke thats not too expensive (theres a fair chance you'll do some damage) and ride it till your off your restrictions. i can almost garuantee you'll want an upgrade by then so think of this first bike just as your training wheels.
  5. So a ZX2R would be better for a first bike then a RS125, or RS250?
  6. What like an Across?

    Seriously though, all good advice from Mr Nuts :D
  7. YES!! :twisted: :twisted:
    (and no, i'm not biased) :p :p
  8. my cousin rides a RS125, nice looking bike.... noticably bigger in size than my CBR250!!.... :?

    i prefer to ride my 250 anyday! the RS is more race orientated, and remember its a 2 stroke so the powerband is much different.... its a bit of a pain to ride in traffic, but my cousin seems to like it.... take one for a test ride and see what you think! 8)

    (another critism, it looks bigger and faster than mine at a standstill.... but sounds like a lawnmower when its running :? )
  9. i'd say by that stage you'll be right to make a proper decision about what you want. nothing comes close to a stroker through twisties in the right hands, but they're not the best on the open road. you might be keen as mustard on one of the little super handlers or you might decide you want a bit more bang out on the freeways. anywhich way, you havn't been out on the bike yet so you cant really know what kinda rider you'll be. one of the best things about all these 250 4 stroke sports bikes is that they introduce you to the sport and give you a good base to work on.....
  10. Think about the VTR250, you pay a bit more, but they hold there value. Just saw a 2002 model for $6990 second hand, brand new they are about $8,500 on the road with piece of mind.

    I have also put a megacycle pipe on mine, its sounds like a beast on 2 wheels.

    Its always a tough choice, also the VTR is an easier bike to ride, ya don't need to rev the clapper out of it of the line.
  11. Yeah the rs125 is very nice looking but then again it seems like a very simple bike all spread out etc while the ZX2R looks more compact yet very stable.. it has a bigger build so I think I'd prolly prefer the ZX2R.

    I'll let ya all know how it goes when I test ride em :LOL:
  12. yep, i second what Coconuts said. :D
  13. I dont like the look of the VTR :?
    I prefer the sporty bikes :LOL:

    My limit is about $7000 for the bike.. hopefully I wont have to spend all of it.. Not sure about leather pants, think I'll just be buying an alpinestars jacket/gloves and a SHOEI helmet.. all depends :)
  14. I'm still on my L's and ride and RS250. No doubt the more experienced riders are right when they say a 4-stroke is the better bike to learn on but I certainly wouldn't change my decision to get a two-stroke. Having said that I think you need to be prepard to take longer to become a safe and totally in control if you get something like as RS125. I didn't find my bikes power band to be a big issue (it's pretty easy to avoid at first when you don't want the acceleration) but what I did notice was that at low revs and especially when its cold it tends to run a bit rough which makes cornering and slow speed riding a bit more tricky. Also the riding position is completely different to something like a CB250, so if you've done an L's course on one of these it will feel a bit strange and unbalanced at first.

    If you buy an RS125 second hand check whether it's been used on track days. My RS250 had been set up for Philip Island, which meant that amoung other things it's power values were open. As a result I fouled up my plugs within a couple of months of buying the bikes (my slow speed low rev riding accelerated this process) and had to take it to my mechanic. This turned out to be a good thing because now it's set up for me and is soooo much easier to ride.

    Finally, they do require a bit more TLC in the mechanical department and they have some quirks - like don't run them on any premium unleaded other than BP's. If you can't get this your better off with regular unleaded than something like shell optimax.

    Good luck with your bike hunting and enjoy
  15. Id go the 4 stroke 250 with out a doubt. You will most likely only ride it for a year or so before you want to upgrade to a bike more suited to you. Your first bike is the training bike and you want to get the easiest cheapest bike you can. The good thing about these bikes no matter what type
    (GPX 250 for myself) is that they hold there value fairly well as everone has to start on them.

    Good Luck with the hunt
  16. Thanks all :LOL:
  17. Well i ride an Aprilia RS 125 and im on my L's. I adapted to the bike instantly and totally love what the bike has to offer.

    I do find that the Aprilia doesn't like being ridden at one constant speed, so i reguarly find myself opening the throttle. One of the strong points of my RS 125 is its top end accelaration. I find that riding on the hwy at 100 it takes me about a second or so to reach 120 once i open the throttle. It almost becomes an addiction.

    As everyone else has pointed out these bikes need more attention. For example on my bike its recommended that I de-carbonise my cyclinder every 4000km and also clean the exhaust valve to ensure smoother running. This such process costs about $600+ if you take it to a mechanic. So be prepared to spend a little cash on the side to keep your ride in tip top condition. Another expense that comes to mind is 2 stroke oil which needs to be topped up under the seat. A good quality 4 litre fully synthetic oil is about $70.

    What ever you do dont stack unless you have insurance..lol. The costs of repairs will send you broke. The cost to replace my fairings is the equivelant to buying another bike.

    After all that being said i still wouldn't trade it in.
  18. Go with whatever makes you happy. For me it was an Across. I'm happier now however that I've got my Firestorm. If money is tight, I'd recommend saving your bikkies for the upgrade and spending some on high quality riding gear. If money is no object, happy hunting.
  19. Commenting on the gear...

    As ashes just said, make sure you keep enough cash to buy yourself the right gear. Buying a leather jacket, proper gloves and obviously helmet is great, but don't neglect the other parts of your body!

    From memory, 90% of motorcycle injuries in a crash are to your legs. And pushing the memory further, regular denim jeans last 0.4 seconds sliding along the road at 60km/h? (or something similarly horrific!). It's a good idea to grab at least some cheap boots and Draggins with the gear, even if you can't afford/don't want to wear full leathers.

    Bones heal better than your skin! :wink:

    As for your bike, I think a two-stroker is probably a good pick if you're somewhat mechanically minded, and can look after it. Going on kiss_the_future's maintenance costs, the $600 service every 6 weeks would kill me! But if you don't ride all the time, perhaps that won't be as much of an issue. Good luck, and get the bike you love riding! 8)
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