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Aprilia Dorsoduro 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by JohnG., Feb 9, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Shiver 750 is 95HP...this should be similiar??
    Apparently,theres a 1200 out soon too...
    (Rumor has it)same bottom end,just bigger pots!!

  2. Motards seem to be becoming the soft-roaders of the bike world.

    Everyone seems to want to build one and most seem to be getting carried away with making them bigger and more expensive.
  3. Yup,fun to filter traffic on...cheap to crash,I guess
    I think 95HP 750 is enough,But yeah the Euro ones are pricy :(
  4. Oh yeah if I was commuting through city traffic everyday I'd definitely choose a Motard. But then it'd most likely be something like a TW225 or at most a DRZ-400 or XT660 - ie something cheap to buy and run.

    I just don't see the point in the overpriced, high-powered, motards anymore than I see the point in something like a Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 etc.
  5. Why is that a bad thing?, if you want top shelf suspension and brakes in a bike that handles like it's on rails and is comfortable what else do you buy?

    Sure you could buy a single cylinder motard if thats your thing but if you want to use it for a bit more than terrorising sports bikes in the corners the bigger twin models make sense...sure the Superduke, Hypermotard and this Aprilia cost more...but you get more too.

    And really they aren't a motard anyway...I would class them more as naked sports bikes
  6. It's just that motards evolved from dirt-bikes - which is why they look the way they do. Now they're making motards from scratch that aren't intended for offroad, and yet they still look like a dirtbike. Exactly like softroaders that look like a 4wd but aren't meant to get dirty.

    Meh, maybe I'm just bitter that motards killed the single-cylinder naked sportsbike market. Of course they may do the same to naked v-twins.
  7. Hopefully has a better fuel range than the duke hypermotard.
  8. A high front guard and MX bars do not make a motard any more than a bubble windscreen on my ktm would make it a sports bike. Forget the labels maybe?
  9. Exactly -people seem to forget that a motard should be able to hammer down a dirt/gravel road & handle some pretty decent sized jumps as well. Not supercross sized table tops but decent none the less. Maybe a new term is needed as jd suggests. Pretend motard anyone :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. It's for posing innit.
  11. With 90% of the riding a majority of road riders are doing, who would be the biggest poser: The Aprilla Dosoduro or Yamaha R1?
  12. The Aprilia rider will probably be having the most fun.

    Probably be faster in anything but a longer straight bit of road too.
  13. I dubb thee: Pretard!
  14. Why is it that motard riders only ride with one butt cheek on the seat?

    No matter what they are doing, they all seem to ride along sideways. Even if they are nowhere near a corner.
  15. and 90% of owners don't use them as they should be :p
  16. Usually because the seat is only one butt-cheek wide! :LOL:

    Yep, the big ones are as different from a race 'tard as they are from a tourer or sportsbike. Their design brief is to handle ordinary road riding, but they do it in a different way to other road bikes, that's all.

    And unlike the little'uns, they are NOT cheap to crash :cry:
  17. the new motard is pretty.
    too bad it's an Aprilia

    if you know anyone stupid enough to be thinking about buying aprilia, give them a slapping, as their friend. you at least owe it to them, if not yourself.
    the months of catching the bus while they wait for parts from italy will only turn them mean, and soil their passion for all things two-wheeled.
    if not, be prepared to spend those months listening to their bitching about 'those fcuking wino soccer-fag italians' when their unhappy-consumer emails to Aprilia HQ bounce back out of italian apathy.

    jesus didn't want to spend his life walking everywhere. it wasn't by choice. he was just the regretful owner of another garaged-aprilia, waiting for parts.

    Aprilias are beautiful, and fast, but they're just whores to live with. sometimes in life, it's best if you didn't meet your hero. choose carefully, and don't choose aprilia.
  18. To ease the discomfort, because there seems to be some sort of unwritten law that this sort of bike *has* to have a plank for a seat!

    I don't know... I sort of like these bikes but I think they only make sense if you happen to live somewhere very close to empty, winding roads... like Tasmania, or something like that.
    For sure they would also make sense as a commuter, but they're too expensive for that role.