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Aprilia dorsoduro 750 factory

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by RRdevil, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Having a look at possibly buying one of these little bikes on the weekend. Anyone had one or has one and any experiences with them good and bad would be appreciated. I know the 1200 would have more grunt but with the way of the world (dropping speeds from 100 to 80kph) I feel that possibly a superbike is not really required.
    They look good and has a few goodies on the factory. Not sure if price is okay at $13k but very low km and probably walk away straight swap for the blade. The dorso is still trackable and would no doubt be a scream to ride hard on tight roads.

    So if anyone has ridden one give me a brief idea cheers

  2. Never ridden one, but I don't think I need to to say "Not really a supermoto".
  3. No I know that but not really sure where it belonged. Would rather this uploadfromtaptalk1370494881505.
    But reliability is questionable with the gear box. Plus 9000km full rebuilds is putting me off
  4. I've ridden one - definitely as Deadsy says.....not really a supermoto.

    Having said that - they are fun as hell and make most of their torque low.....around 4000 - 6000rpm.

    Same motor as the Shiver - it is a peach, very strong indeed - just a different tune on the Dorso.

    If they had a larger tank I'd probably be riding one too.

    If interested on my decision on the Shiver amongst other bikes have a read here:
  5. So do you think someone like me who has had a fair share of superbikes would miss the power once on the tight stuff? Thanks for your opinion and yes had read that the tank is a little small
  6. IMO you'll miss the superbike if you are in the habit of revving it out to the redline. It'll be like the top 3K or so of the rev range are missing. If you cruise around mostly in the midrange it won't matter at all.
    Only place my 950 hits the limiter is on track.
    You are more exposed to buffeting than on a sporty though, which might bother some people.
  7. Yep, that is the issue with motards. On one end of the scale you have super light bikes that make good(or great) power for their weight but require the maintenance and rebuilds associated with it. On the other end of the scale you have manufacturers sticking the motard label on bikes that are essentially nakeds (that doesn't mean the bikes are bad). There are still other options available in between. Bikes like the KTM 690, for example. It all depends on the experience you are after. I can't really say more than that because I can't really say whether you would miss the power. Personally I enjoyed both my Street Triple and 450 motard, but a Street Triple isn't a superbike and even between the 675 and 450 it's two different worlds.
  8. As has been said......yes and no.

    My mate has come off his '09 R1 for a 796 Hypermotard. Every now and then he says he misses and "longs" for the R1 holy shitness.....but in general terms he has more fun on the Hyper.

    For street riding, twisties and general tomfoolery I'd say the Dorso would be great.....but after that has worn off you might go wanting for excessive acceleration and speed.

    It's very subjective.
  9. I've decided to have a look. Am really keen on a change actually. Sports bikes, whilst fun, for me are only fun at the upper limit. Cruising around offers no challenge and I'd rather be pushing a bike to it's limit on some tight twisties than getting nowhere near a bikes limit unless I'm on a track.

  10. And that's what these bikes are all about.

    Being a V-Twin the torque is not linear.....there is usually a flat-spot under 4000rpm.....it'll build, then flatten.....then THUMP.....then flatten....

    It makes the riding experience very engaging. You will play with the gears because it's fun......don't get me wrong - the Shiver will walk off the line in 3rd no problem....there is plenty of torque everywhere.

    But if you want to keep it in the butter zone you have to work a bit harder for it.....and I like that :D
  11. Cheers bitstar. Have been offered a brand new factory for a 'good deal' have to ring to find out what it is but might just be bringing one home Tuesday. Just don't tell the wife
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  12. Sounds good mate - fingers crossed it all works out for ya :D
  13. uploadfromtaptalk1370586287123.
    Looking into one of these too
  14. The Nuda 900R is a fun bike but I really wouldn't.
  15. Why not? More power less weight it's got my favourite brake package. And they are going for a steal at the moment
  16. A few issues here.

    Husqvarna was bought by BMW (as we know) which is why the Nuda 900 is a bored out Parallel twin F series BMW 800.

    It has been rushed into production - not very refined at all. Brakes are far too on/off for street riding, you get used to them but they're not right - fuelling is snatchy and lumpy (at the same time - go figure).

    A mate of mine bought one on a whim and has had no end of trouble with dash electrics, gearbox and throttle.

    I have ridden his a couple of times - and yes HEAPS of fun.....but very tiring. If you test one you will smile like a toddler.....but keep in the back of your mind what it would be like to live with. Try slow low speed work. Some minor throttle modulation in 1st and 2nd. Rolling on is snatchy and lurchy..... :(

    Having said all that. BMW have now pawned Husky off - they were BMW's R&D department for nutter machines which meant there "probably" would've been good after sales support etc.

    Now Husky is owned by the CEO of KTM - in terms of who can work on these bikes. Or who will know what they are or where to get parts is an unknown......especially outside of Europe on this lump of dirt way down here in Australia.
  17. I understand all that and knew all what you have said but fun is fun.
  18. Bitstar my bikes are simply for fun. So fits the bill. What dash electrics problems specifically? Also could your mate be a wheelie hoon?
  19. Bit of a wheelie hoon yes :D

    Dash issues included gear position indicator not working. General error showing. Dash going on and off.

    I think most has been sorted out now.