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Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AlexEm, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Does anyone here have one? How are they to live with every day?
    Any pros or cons?
    How do they compare to other bikes in this category like KTM 990 SMR?


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  2. They are getting good reviews, especially about the motor. It would be on my shopping list if I had money for a brand new bike.
  3. Thanks, I'm going to test ride one by the end of this month and hopefully get one by the end of this year IF everything goes according to the plan :biker:.
    They look impressive on the paper and reviews are generally positive. However, there are some differences between EU and AU versions so I was hopping someone who actually rides one could give me some advice.

    Edit: I'm a bit worry about reliability and availability of parts for Aprilia in general (frankly for any non-Japanese bikes), how do they compare to Japanese bikes for quality/reliability?
  4. I've had my ape shiver since Nov last year - prior to that I owned a guzzi and prior that a Vespa, they are all piaggio brands and I've never had an issue with their quality or reliability. In fact I've had greater issues with Suzuki.

    Getting parts as part of warranty claim I can't comment on as I've never had the need to make a claim - grumply has had some issues getting parts for his shiver from o/s but again I don't think these were warranty claim related, just poor suppliers or freight co's maybe.

    If you want to buy any aftermarket bits there are plenty of threads on the aprilia forum and if you stick to the recommended suppliers noted there (and AF1, the sites owner) you shouldn't go too far wrong.

    Best of luck - be sure to give us an aussie perspective on this italian brute after your test ride.
  5. Bikebiz is having an Aprilia demo day on Sunday 28. I'm going to book a test ride for Dorsoduro 1200 \\:D/