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Aprilia Dorsoduoro 750 or Factory any good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by nethern, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Hi any Aprilia fan there? I am putting my eye on the Dorsoduro. Is it good?

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  3. Somewhat conveniently, you can also get it as a 1200.
  4. i'm vertically challenged (under 6'0") so they are too tall for me. would love a big supermoto otherwise, only a diavel fits my stumpy legs. a shorter supermoto alternative is the hypermotard 796.
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    I'm waiting around till some of the 1200's start showing up secondhand. Will definately be worth a test ride :) Getting some decent reviews. Best of all is this [URL="]
    [/URL] Beware 27 minute video....
  6. The Dorso is a tonne of fun. It's a tall bike, tank range is a tad limited, and the seat's a little firm for all-day riding, and it's not at all a supermoto (more a roadbike disguised as one) - but it's a blast to ride (the 3-mode fuel mapping means you have a docile machine in 'touring' mode, and hoon-mobile in 'sport' mode - which really gives you two bikes in one).

    I have a Shiver (primarily because it's prettier and a tad more practical) and I love it - would love to have been able to afford the 'Factory' Dorso, better suspension and carbon everywhere!

    Take one for a test ride and you'll see what I'm getting at.
  7. Thanks for your replies. I went to one of the Aprilia in ACT. Saw Dor 750 in the store no factory. Tried on but only one foot can barely touch the ground. I am 170cm. The sales said he can adjust the suspension, but I worried about the ground clearance. Also got to known that it can only run around 120km in town with that 11L tank.

    Worst thing is, the sales quoted high price (compared to A1 motor in Melbourne ad on bikesales.com.au) and seemed dodgy.

    I will not think about this bike any more. Not pratical for me although I love the style (really love it!)... Shame...

    The ducati hypermotard is expensive to run and maintain?
  8. The 800 should be relatively easy to run, but it's another small tank special, although I'd hope it would manage better range.

    The Monster 796 should offer a not dissimilar ride with more practicality.
  9. Ducati HM 796,with 12.4L tank, was claimed to be more efficient 4.8L/100KM. But there is no real figure on the internet saying, in real life, how many KM it can cover before reserve. I also have a look at Monster 796, its ABS version only gets 13.5L tank while normal version has 15L.

    Looks like Monster is not much better than HM in terms of distance coverage.