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Aprilia 2016 model run out sale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chilliman64, Sep 5, 2016.


    Aprilia Australia

    you know you want one!
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  2. Nice, although I hate the "savings across the entire range" phrasing. Prefer when they give some sort of indication of what's on offer.
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  3. yeah I agree
  4. It's like when the sale says up to 50% off everything. But really there's 2 items 50% off and the rest is 5% off.
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  5. still, I wish I had the funds to get another one... :devil:
  6. Buy buy buy!!
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  7. Sell the hog :whistle:
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  8. the chillibabe let's me get away with a fair bit but I think I would have a fight on my hands if I did that, but that's not to say it isn't a brilliant idea...

    (my 3,333rd post)
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  9. Maybe they are on special cause it's the only way they sell any?.....(ducks for cover quickly)
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  10. are you ducking or hiding? :p
    2015 Australian Motorcycle Sales Figures

    I actually reckon they would have sold more apes this year than last year. looking forward to seeing the 2016 figures.
  11. I know the V4s have the horsepower ... but those 1200 twins look tasty
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  12. yes mate you are correct. in fact I think they have some very sexy looking rides in their current model lineup.
  13. even these don't look too bad! Aprilia Australia

    not that I'd own one for myself, but the chillibabe could have one of these and I'm sure I'd be able to take it for a quick run to the shops or the local cafe...

  14. It's still a scooter........:whistle:
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  15. I just can't see James Bond ripping through the streets of Bologna on one of those I'm afraid.
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  16. yeah... but's it's an aprilia so I'm ok with that (y):snaphappy:
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  17. I assume this is because the Australian distributor is changing. If they knock enough off I might be tempted into buying a Tuono.
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  18. And it costs $15k :wideyed: