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Aprilia 125 - ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by AndyMac, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. Salutations.

    I’m going to admit that I like the wank factor of the Aprilia 125 firstly.

    Can anyone give me any information as how a 92kgs/5’10 bloke would go on one of these things ? I’m not concerned about outright speed and more interested in handling…So I guess, I’m asking, would my weight dangerously upset the handling of the bike ? Or make the bike dangerous at all ?.

    Again…speed isn’t that much of an issue, while I’m learning.

    For the record, and I realize I’m talking about two different worlds here…I’m used to 2 strokes, powerband etc etc as I’ve raced 2 stroke karts for a number of years. So the 2 stroke factor is not an issue.


  2. those aprilia's with thier racing inspired graphics and paint jobs are very "pretty" machines.

    92kgs/5’10 bloke atop an rs125? your killing me.

    maybe your a pretty boy, but if your an ugly sod like me get a bike that suites (HD is my ride)

    when i think aprilia i think of Samuela De Nardi on her RSV 1000



    she is close to baging the Euro Title