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Aprilia 125 gear & vibration trouble

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by speedysnaill, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Hey all! Haven't posted in AGES!

    Bought a new (well, second-hand, new to me) Aprilia rs125 on the weekend, but having a little trouble finding neutral (no I'm not a spastic). The gears actually lock up in first gear when stopped. They will loosen if I turn the engine off (most of the time) but I can't be doing that every time I stop at traffic lights, for obvious reasons. At the moment I need to kick it into neutral as I'm still moving so that I don't have to sit at the lights with my hand wrapped around the clutch - difficult when I don't KNOW I'm going to stop.

    Just wondering if anyone has had this problem before and/or can suggest what it may be and how to fix it?

    The other issue is that it vibrates a LOT. Took it to the Bike Factory (I'm in Adelaide) and they said it was more than normal, but took it to GC Motorcycles and the guy said it's fine - that's what 2 strokes do.

    Just wanting to know if anyone else feels like their vision gets a little blurred and head feels fuzzy when riding (not all the time, but it happens occasionally)?

    Some feedback on the Aprilia rs125 would be great!

    Cheers! :cool:
  2. With regards the gear change, make sure all your linkages are not too sloppy and get the chain tension right.

    As to the vibes, it's hard to say, but I would have thought a 125 wouldn't be that severe.

    You could have a physical problem with a clutch basket or similar that is causing both problems.

    Does it vibrate in neutral when you rev it?

    try letting the clutch out a little next time it's stuck in first and get it to move forward a couple of inches. you may find it easier to find then.

    Many Italian bikes you have to find neutral whilst the bike is rolling. A habit I still have even on the Suzuki.
  3. I too have problems finding neutral but mine don't sound as bad as yours. I find rocking the bike whilst trying to get neutral helps.
    My bike doesn't vibrate enough to make my eyes blurry though. It vibrates a little bit, but not enough to affect my eyes.
  4. thanks guys - I'm gonna test some of that stuff out. Took it for a long ride today - the blurred vision was almost a non-event, thankfully :) I think I'm used to the smoothness of a Suzuki Across - the 2 stroke's a TOTALLY different type of ride :eek:

    Cheers! :cool:
  5. Hi,

    I use to have a RS125 and yes, neutral is very hard to find sometimes, I think you just have to get use to it or try the suggestion above and just roll the bike to try and find it!

    In regards to vibration, it is normal because the engine is so small! Is it when you are at high RPM or even down low? I would say it would only vibrate at high (7+) RPM and thats where you want to be anyway otherwise you will have no power.

    Also with the vibration, make sure you check all your bolts and nuts as they will become loose due to the high vibration. Make sure you have the bike serviced and checked regularly as Aprilia parts are expensive and hard to come by!

    Happy riding! :grin:
  6. hey, your still riding :LOL:

    what happen with the across??
  7. the vibrations are at low speeds. Now the aprilia has died on me altogether :( I still have the across - trying to sell it. I like the rs125 waaaaaaaaay better - more fun :LOL: I bought the aprilia HEAPS cheap, so I can afoord a few hundred trying to fix it up - hopefully by then it will be running smooth as.

    It died the other night - no reason I can think of. Maybe I got excited with the choke and flooded the spark plug? But it was only 40 degrees (had the choke still on) and I've done that - and higher - before and it's been fine. Tried to start it today, but it wouldn't go - ended up killing the battery too, but it's definitely not that. Think it needs to go to a bike doctor, but if I can't start it, it's gonna be difficult getting it there. *sigh* the trials and tribulations of second-hand bikes! :shock:

    If anyone has ANY advice on hwo to treat the aprilia like a lady, please help! :)

  8. replace the plug as 2-strokes can do this.

    unfortunately I'm thinking you've got bigger problem however. do the plug first to eliminate that.

    A question for the strokers out there; will checking the compression provide anything meaningful?
  9. It'll let you know when the rings are shot, have found it's more imporant on two strokes then checking the comression on 4 strokes