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April track day PI - 25th ANZAC DAY

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Yep booked in for another , I am also doing the 30th April with DOCV and 15th may with superbike. Whi is coming ?

  2. Could be good. I might wait and see what happens to the weather though. Wouldn't want to melt :wink:
  3. Just a bump for this thread. Am thinking of doing this myself too. Not 100% sure on it though at this stage. Would be good to get a gaggle of NetRiders out there on the day.
  4. I won't be at this one. Jason is ex-military and is involved in one of the ANZAC day parades so I'll be at that instead. For those who make it down, have a fantastic day :)
  5. I'm a maybe for this one, need new slicks and an oil and filter change. Ooooh, another $700 on the CC then!
  6. Okay, so I relented and booked myself in anyway.

    All White, Yellow, and Green sessions are booked out.

    Just 3 spots left in Red. If someone else wants to come along, better book right now, just as a heads up!
  7. See you there then!
  8. Great stuff!

    Now I just gotta find some way to get my jerry can down there too. I 'spose I could always head off during the lunch hour and refill. Worked out that I'm using 1 litre of fuel per 2 laps.
  9. If you remind me (and I will need reminding!) I can fill another jerry can with 20l of Mobil or BP and you can give me some cash on the day. Just don't forget to remind me coz I will!
  10. If you have a spare 20l can, that'd be fantastic! Thanks!

    I prefer Shell V-Power, but if it's a choice between Mobil or BP, then BP Ultimate (98 Octane) would be the go.

    Will try to remind you.

    Many thanks for the offer cejay.
  11. D'oh, I've got to stop looking at this thread before I regret my choice of activities for the day :LOL:

    It looks like June 11 is the next feasible day at the island for me. How cold is that going to be! :cry:
  12. Report

    Today was a mixed bag. I started the day off with a decidedly shagged rear tyre. Rather than go in-depth, I'll just summarise my views on the 6 sessions.

    1) Went as all first sessions always do, that being spending pretty much the entire session getting the brain accustomed to high speed again. It was fairly cool, and the track was too. While grip wasn't bad, the rear tyre did move around a bit under heavy acceleration.

    2) A somewhat decent session. Grip was good, and I was just starting to really get into the swing of things, but struggled to find good lines due to constantly being distracted by traffic. Rear tyre was starting to move around a fair bit by the end of the session as well. I contemplated changing the rear tyre at the end of the session, but decided to persist with it once more.

    3) In hindsight, I should've changed the rear tyre at the end of the previous session. Much of this session was spent with the tyre squirming around, making me nervous to get on the gas early, and also made me cautious through the higher speed corners.

    4) New rear tyre fitted. Time to scrub it in. Spent most of this session going quite slow. Gradually leaning the bike more and more. Every now and then I'd gas it a little more aggressively out of corners, get a small slide and movement, and decide it wasn't ready to go hard. After about 7 or 8 laps it wanted to stick properly, and managed to slingshot past one of the slower riders I had been tailing until then. Saw another target, started the hunt and then out came the flag to end the session.

    5) Spent a bit of time dawdling around, warming the tyres up and ensuring that the rear was scrubbed right to the absolute edge before powering on hard. Guy on a '99 R1 comes past at high speed towards the end of my warm-up procedure, and the red rag is shown and the hunt is on. By the time I get up to speed he's about 5 secs ahead of me. Down the straight he'd leave me behind, and afterwards I found out that he was carrying about 25kgs less than I, but with an extra 15rwhp, but I'd haul him in again through Turn 1, Southern Loop, and braking into Honda. We were pretty evently matched between Honda and MG, and then back onto the straight where he'd pull away again. I almost considered giving up the chase, but then I saw that I was very slowly gaining on him with every lap. All thoughts of the rear tyre were gone now, and I was powering on earlier than ever out of Southern Loop, and Turn 11, to catch him. Would've pegged the gap back to about 3 secs when he decided to leave the track with two laps before the end of the session. Bummer! Also in the session I really started working on my lines and my throttle application, and manage to build so much speed up out of Southern Loop through Turn 3 and into Honda that I succeeded in almost over-shooting the entry into Honda 3 times before I realised that I needed to start braking earlier. Wasted a lot of time on the over-shoot recovery, so I'm sure I was going slower. Find the R1 rider after the session, have a good yak about how the '98-'01 R1's are a real handful, needing to be wrestled around the track. Was good to compare notes with him. He then tells me that he was doing 1m45's for most of the time he was on the track in that session. I really must invest in a lap-timer...

    6) Bouyed by the last session, a rear tyre that was working impeccably, and now I was faced with an empty track. Most people in my group had packed up and gone home. There were about 15 people on the track, and I was the first one out! Sheer bliss! With no traffic at all to worry about, I set about really focusing on everything. I discovered that I had been going too slow through Turn 1, too slow into Turn 2, could throttle on earlier out of Turn 2, could now hit 5th through Turn 3 and was travelling 15kph faster at my new, earlier, braking marker for Turn 4. I focused on turning in later through Siberia, powering out earlier and keeping my body weight leaned properly through Turn 7, clicking up to 3rd and 4th while leaned rather than the more upright thing I was doing before, and entering into Turn 8 later and faster. This now meant that I was approaching Turn 9 faster, and I started braking and slowing down too much through it, although to be fair the sun was right in my eyes the whole way through T9, and so much of the time I was just looking at glare while cranked and heading over a blind crest. I more or less "felt" my way through T9. Started braking a little later in MG (Turn 10), powering out and getting my body position better suited to look through Turn 11, and found that I was now able to more easily pick when I could power out, running wide to the ripple strip with confidence, and peeling in later through Turn 12, exiting it about 10kph faster than I had done all day. Must've been some slightly crossed headwind down the straight as I was getting buffetted quite badly and despite entering the straight at a higher speed, I was still only reaching the same sorts of end-straight speeds.

    I have no idea what my times were for the final session, but I had a magical time, just having clear track and being free to focus on trying to do everything right. I may have been slow as a wet week, but I didn't care, everything felt fantastic!
  13. i was wondering how u went 2day. sounds like u had a blast. g8 day 4 it 2. shame i wasnt there 2 show u round. :wink: :LOL: :LOL: only stirin m8. wat tyre did u get?
  14. i was going to visit today but thanks to anzac made me spent 45 minutes waiting for my lunch :(
  15. I think you would've been showing me around in the first 3 sessions. There was a guy who I was dicing with, but ultimately got past, just, and he was doing 48's according to his timer, and we seemed to come across each other each time. So that's about how quick I was going early on (rough guess). Like I said, rear tyre was squirming everywhere, and with the huge scalloped flat-spot it had developed on the left-hand side, left hand corners were somewhat tentative affairs.

    On the 5th session is when things really started to pick up, and on the 6th session, with clear track, is when I felt like I started to nail everything. Not one single person overtook me, and as if to confirm that I was going quicker, for the first time ever I managed to squeeze 11 laps into the 19 minutes of track-time we get per session, and that includes the 2 laps spent going mid-speed and warming the tyres up.

    Lately, it's like a light-switch has just flipped in my head, and I'm now seeing more clarity everything I was doing wrong before. For everything that I was doing right in the last session, I still felt like I could be doing almost everything better. I was still holding back, with a decent safety margin in all things. I think I'm starting to reach the point where there's nothing really wrong with what I'm doing, but it's now just a matter of pushing the envelope in small ways everywhere. i.e. if I dipped into my safety margin and pushed even harder and raised corner speeds everywhere by just 4%, and throttled on 4% harder everywhere, then that'd be where another 4s/lap will come from.

    Edit: Oh - forgot to say - new rear tyre was a Pirelli Supercorsa Pro SC2 190/55, my usual.
  16. Oh, forgot to say, Ross Noble (the Scottish comedian) was there. He mentioned that he didn't have any new material and that on the radio today he'd likely be talking about his Phillip Island experience.
  17. Stew, I filled your shoes, MG was so dissapointed you didn't make it. :LOL:

    Left [MG] Right [doit] Photo by Jafu

    Also sounds like you had another great track day.
  18. Ok - i'm gonna be particularly pedantic and mention that Ross Noble is in fact a Geordie :LOL: :oops: :LOL:

    Went and saw him the other week, he was a crack up talking about some of his motorbike experiences and tours...

    Apologies for the hijack - just had to correct ya - sorry - there arent many famous Geordie's so we like to claim all the ones we have :grin:
  19. Lol. That's cool. I wasn't able to confidently place his accent. He didn't sound like yer typical southern English accent types, and while I also didn't think that he sounded completely Scottish either, I had just assumed that was due to travelling. Am quite happy to be corrected on the matter. :) I didn't know for sure, it was just an assumption.
  20. Ross Noble is a funny man...
    He is touring Australia on a bike at the moment isnt he?