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April Photo Competition Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by vic, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. You know the deal.

  2. Shouldn't we have a monthly theme?
    Frankly, Apart from some nice pictures they are just pictures of bikes.
  3. Yeah, how about "My 2006 BMW K1200R" for example :LOL:???
  4. Consulting the GPS.... :roll: :LOL:

  5. +1. I take photos of a lot more stuff than just bikes. But since it's still only bikes:

  6. Sorry for not reading the fine print for my March entries

    I'll try again :)

    I have too much time on my hands.........
  7. I agree.

    We should also use proper software and run a proper comp rather than an ad-hoc one with 1 thread for pics, 1 threat for votes and a winner announced 2 months later. What did they win anyway??
  8. A night out with PP ? :p
  9. Second place is 2 nights out with PP? :p
  10. However, seeing that the admins here are slack shits, here is my entry :grin:

  11. *sob* I;m beating you with a stick in the tipping and you start the insults *sniff* :)
  12. One for TarmacSamurai, Tex & Bundy on the outskirts of Darwin, Long Ride '07 at about 130 kph.
    The other shot of Tex & Bundy is at the '06 GP P.I.

    Tex & Bundy

  13. here we go, here's my entry,
  14. Fantastic! That really is very cool. When I get a dog (finally!) later this year, I intend to train him to ride with me on the XJR. Any tips gratefully received (perhaps pm to avoid derailing the thread).

    Thanks motoplast!
  15. Home sweet home.

  16. Sorry to barge in on your thread, but someone needs to buy a universal remote control. There are seven on pat65's coffee table!!
  17. [​IMG]

    Captain Cook Highway (From Cairns to Port Douglas).