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April Foolishness

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Okay i know it's a bit away but I had a silly idea that could possibly become a delusion inspired reality.

    Now with April 1st a bit away, i was thinking that something could be planned about some tomfoolery to be had on the bikes. I'm thinking things like attaching streamers to the handlebars, floating pink elephants off the bike, strapping erotic implements to helmets etc.

    Problem is April fools day falls on April the 1st so perhaps a bit of weekend foolery could be planned. I reckon if we could get some cause behind it, we could have a good laugh and do something nice for the community.

    Sound like the dumbest thing ever or reckon it'd be a blast?

    If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, I wouldn't mind trying my luck at organizing it.

    I'm sure something similar must have been done before but I reckon it'd still be a blast to try out.

    Questions, thoughts and comments welcome :grin:
  2. i'm in!
  3. Me too!

    Vote "YES" on proposition APRL 1! :grin:
  4. Very kewl idea!
    Do a big NR ride where everone has to add something weird to their bike/gear. Just so long as some people dont get dangerous.
    Count me in!
  5. no Ben hur esq spikes on wheels then? awwww

    Not falling for it.

  7. Following Zealt's post above, I'm looking for any hints of being fooled here but none the less... I'M IN!

    Would it be considered illegal to have a blow up doll as a pillion while on L's/P's?

  8. as funny as it may be, how would having some streamers on my bike be "fooling" anyone? :?

    i always though the aim was to trick people or fool them into believing something that is not so, only to laugh in their face at their own gullibility :grin:
  9. ^^ this man... He has a point...
  10. Exactly.

    So everyone get a friend to call your mum and tell her you've had a really serious bike accident.
  11. Oh come on people!

    Where is your sense of challenge!

    Your sense of adventure!

    I'm not here to debate what april fool's day is about. Whether you like to trick people and have a laugh or you like to take the opportunity to partake in some hilarious shenanigans is irrelevant here. We can't exactly go around on a ride playing tricks on the general public so why not add some hilarious accessory and join a ride to shock and amaze the public!?

    We could even have a competition for the most foolishly tricked out bike award.

    Really is it that hard to give up the hardcore biker image for a day and have a good old fashioned laugh at yourself?

    and photos sound like a great idea but not for the trickery part (although that would be an absolutely diabolical plan :LOL: )

    I reckon this could turn out to be a fun ride day, could even run it through town and grab some media attention for NR, who knows the possiblities!!!
  12. Great, get on the news and look like total dawks.

    * hint... If you plan to look like dawks and you want to be on the TV then HAVE A CAUSE..eg kids with cancer, SIDS, teenage suicide etc.
    Sell sponsorship and raise some money. Being a dawk just coz it's April is not enough motivation for me.
  13. I believe i mentioned something similar to this in the original post.

    Personally i don't mind looking silly because i'm not terribly image obsessed but i think getting a cause behind it would be an awesome reason to ride.

    Anybody know how we go about planning these sorts of things? Do you approach the charity organization and suggest it or is there a middleman of some sort?
  14. First you need a cause that you're passionate about.
  15. Anyone here have a cause they're passionate about and would like to ride for it?

    Pipe up and you could be on the road to getting it well funded.

    Personally i'd like to see a cause that funds some mental health research but wouldn't have a clue where to start on that.

    If anybody want's to brainstorm they are completely welcome to.
  16. Legalisation in QLD and the other states where it's banned for the legalisation of selling X-rated movies.

    I am sure there are some themes that would get media attention, though it can be a little cold in april.
  17. Motorcycle awareness.

    'Motorcyclists are doing anything these days to be seen by their fellow road users'

    <insert appropriate image of large group of bikers wearing sports mascot costumes or something>
  18. Havn't been here long so i dont know exactly how rides like this would be organised if at all, but if you's organise a sunday out of it or something sounds like a good weekend out if it for some sort of cause.
    If it's for a charity though try not to go too outragous, if the media catches wind of it, it could mean bad media attention not good.
  19. +1


    Now we're thinking!

    I should email the MC and pitch something. I'll do that tonight after work.

    Cheers :wink:
  20. Well, I'm ready. :cool: