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April 27th 2girls2kawasakis@PrestonMCC

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Garfield, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. All are welcome!!

  2. Bump.

    Had pre-ride drinks with Mel & Robyn last night in Bermagui.

    Their off in the morning heading your way guys. They are primed and ready to go.

    So give them your support, their great gals and it's for a great cause.

  3. Damn it I decided to check on this too late. Would have been a great time to catch up with Mel and Rob. (Its Mike by the way)...
  4. The PMCC raffle for the galzz, will be drawn at the clubrooms on Tuesday 1st June.
    Thanks to all the netriders who bought tickets.
    Thanks too, greybm & Lizzie for selling the tickets at the coffee nights etc!!
  5. No probs Su. Hope you reached your target.

    Is that your normal social night? If so might turn up.
  6. nah, it is our business meeting,(about an hour) then social stuff afterwards.
    You are more than welcome, and you could draw the raffle!