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NSW [Apr 7, 2016] Jindabyne weekend with free accommodation for L/P riders

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TWEET, Apr 2, 2016.

Jindabyne & Snowy region weekend for L/P riders
Start Date: Apr 7, 2016 08:00
End Date: Apr 10, 2016 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST


Jindabyne, NSW

Posted By: TWEET

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. #1 TWEET, Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
    April 7th-10th. Sydney based riders only!

    Ladies and gents,

    I have the opportunity to make one last trip to the Snowy region before winter and I'd like to invite a couple of L/P riders along.

    We will ride some of the best roads in Australia. This includes the infamous Bonang Hwy!

    This is an opportunity to experience some of the best Australia has to offer with someone experienced and familiar with this region.

    We have a townhouse with full laundry and double lock up garage in the most convenient location in Jindabyne. The servo, both pubs and shopping centre are just steps away - literally!

    The townhouse has a double bedroom room with queen bed and another bedroom with 2 singles and also 2 trundle beds if needed.
    First to confirm with payment gets the queen bed downstairs. (HarbHarb is likely first, and then HillsyHillsy )

    Plan is to leave Thursday morning and return early Sunday.

    You should be able to ride your bike at your L/P applicable speed limit without wandering all over the road. If you are very new to riding, this will not suit you, but if you have some experience, don't be put off, I will make sure you are taken care of and not left behind.

    The Plan:
    Meet Thursday April 7th at Sylvania Maccas 08:00 to leave at 08:30.

    Day 1: Ride to Jindabyne via Macquarie Pass, Bungendore, Queanbeyan, Cooma
    Day 2: Jindy Loop - Jindabyne through to Adaminaby, Mt Selwyn, Cabramurra, Khancoban, Thredbo and back into Jindabyne
    Day 3: The Bonang! 105km of winding road with almost zero traffic (we will be lucky to pass 3-4 cars) This is a big day, about 580km of riding, but it is worth it!
    Day 4: Sunday morning early, head back to Sydney

    Any questions, please ask.
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  2. HarbHarb HillsyHillsy
    Are you boys in? If so I have 2 more places remaining
  3. Grim chance of even getting the friday off. All I can do at this stage is wait and see, but it looks like I'll have to sit it out.


    I'll update during the week and if the galaxies align and I can get Friday off I'll meet you at Jindy in the evening, if there is still a spare bed.
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  4. Sounds terrible... Glad I'm not around to *endure* it! ;)
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  5. If anyone is considering this, I highly recommend jumping onto this ride with TWEETTWEET. It will advance your riding 10 fold, and im saying that from experience. As a bonus you will get to ride awesome roads with scenery to match.
    Unfortunately Im a non starter but Im sure you'll have a good one.
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  6. Don't be shy, it will be an awesome weekend.
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  7. OK, no takers...

    If cost of accommodation is the issue, it just got better for you.
    For any L plater or P plater that has been on P's less than 6 months, I'll waive the $40/night cost.
    You just need your bike, fuel, food and beer money and you are set.

    I can't make it any more attractive than that!
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  8. I have only 2 places remaining now.
  9. tonytsydneytonytsydney wideone3wideone3

    Highly recommended if you can make it. I've got my hopes up too and might actually make it down Thursday night.
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  10. Why Bonang Hwy is infamous? :p
  11. I would but am literally just recovering from the Jindabyne ride that was held not too long ago on netrider.
    Plus am working Thursday Friday all day :(. Sorry peeps
  12. Last chance boys n girls, leaving tomorrow. If you can't make it tomorrow you can always ride down Friday
  13. Have a great and safe trip TWEETTWEET et al
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  14. Thanks for the great weekend TWEETTWEET and HillsyHillsy. Couldn't have been better.

    Back at home now where it's nice and warm with the bike in pieces sorting out why it's running lean though... happy this wasn't a worry on the bonang!
  15. How shit was the Bonang?
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  16. Slight bit jealous I could not go on this one. Planets will align one day for me.
  17. 6 hours of riding for an empty logging road leading to nowhere. Then you have to get back.

    Talk about an effort :whistle:

    On the plus side i can guarantee its the fuel pump, the relay or it's wiring. Pump is starting again (it didn't from Jindy to Sydbey...) but intermittently clicks the relay on and off on a closed throttle. Told you it wasn't in my head!
  18. Thanks Tweet and Harb, an absolutely awesome trip.

    The Bonang does't seem like 100+ks when you have a grin from ear to ear, it ends all to soon.

    Good to hear its a just a relay Ant.
  19. Glad you guys had a great time - impossible not to on such awesome roads.

    Did it end up just being you 3 on the trip?

    I can't believe more L & P riders didn't take up TWEETTWEET's more than generous offer!
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  20. #20 Hillsy, Apr 11, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2016
    Just us three, crazy right!
    The view accross the rd from the accommodation in Jindy.

    The Bonang!

    Gary the Goat!