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[Apr 6, 2013] Great Ocean Rd Overnighter (Ardeer South)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Ned, Mar 27, 2013.

Great Ocean Rd Overnighter
Start Date: Apr 6, 2013 09:00
End Date: Apr 7, 2013 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

7-Eleven/Mickey Dee's
Lot 2 Western Ring Rd
Ardeer South 3022

Posted By: Ned

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. #1 Ned, Mar 27, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2014

    WHEN: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April
    MEET: 7-Eleven/Mickey Dee's, Western Ring Rd Ardeer Southbound

    PLEASE NOTE: See Proposed Route BELOW for accurate description of start point.

    TIME: 9-00am meet for 9-30am leave. (BP Waurn Ponds 10-15 for Geelong riders) Full tanks, empty bladders please.
    RIDE LEVEL: Touring 1 intermediate.
    ACCOMM: Warrnambool.
    COST: $40 per person (pillions welcome).

    Hi all, some riders have expressed an interest in doing a re-run of my recent GOR trip, so if you missed out, or just want to do it again, here's your chance so come along. :playful:

    The weather forecast for that weekend is showing sunny with low to mid 20's along the coast and in Warrnambool, which will help make for an enjoyable ride. Although not posted as a Learner Ride, this ride will allow newer riders willing to take the next step a chance to experience what it's like to ride in a group, on some of our nicest coastline knowing there'll be a few experienced riders amongst them to offer support and advice.

    There'll be ample points along the way where we'll be pausing to take a break, have a chat and grab some photo's. I'll be leading this ride at a sedate and cruisey pace, with the occasional spirited stretch thrown in where appropriate :woot: Like any other ride, no rider is ever expected to ride beyond their abilities or venture out of their comfort zone and no-one gets left behind, you are here to enjoy riding your bike on an awesome stretch of road at your own pace. A portion of this ride will be heading inland through the Otways where there's a mix of straights and also plenty more of the fun twisty sections :sneaky:

    **If any Geelong based riders would like to come, there'll be a brief stop at BP Waurn Ponds where
    you can join in :applause: This will also be our morning tea break.

    Corner marking system will be operating and I'll be looking for offers from anyone who would like to TEC (Rider at rear who helps out a rider who has stopped for any reason and also does their best to keep traffic from getting too close to the group) :unsure:

    I have sourced a motel in Warrnambool that allows us to park our bikes safely away at night close to our units, and depending on numbers, most bikes will be under cover. Then it's an easy stroll to dinner and cafes as it's very close to the centre of town. Towels and linen are provided as well as free Wi-Fi.

    Numbers attending this ride will be limited.(y)

    Amendments will be made to this opening post from time to time, so please check back here frequently for any changes, thankyou :) :)

    ATTENDEES: Please advise if you'll be meeting at Waurn Ponds.

    1. Ned (PAID)
    2. Streetmaster (PAID)
    3. Zol (PAID)
    4. OzzyDevil (PAID)
    5. Louey (PAID)
    6. Greydog (PAID)
    7. Positron007 (PAID)
    8. Lisa (PAID)
    9. Pommydave (PAID)
    10. GreyBM (PAID)
    11. LizzyM (PAID)
    12. Blueyy (PAID)
    13. Brusa and Mrs Brusa (PAID)
    14. Lament (PAID)

    Thankyou everyone for your payment......


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  2. Same Bank details as first High Country?
    With GOR description!
  3. Ok Ned you win im in this time :D
  4. Rule #1!!!!!
    (for both of us!)
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  5. @zol servo meet means no reason not to have a full tank at the start.
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  6. Agreed on that I will fill up there plus have macces breakkie :p
  7. True, although there is a 7/11 next to Maccas as well but it's Mobil. :poop:
  8. I'm just interested in the McCafe haha.
  9. Might need 2 to kick start my day :D
  10. #12 Greydog, Mar 27, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2013
    I'm in too. Pls PM bank details if you can get your head around the shite formatting that's going on in the conversations part of the forum.

    There's a 'slight' possibility I'll have to pull out later, but happy to forgoe refund if my spot not filled. Hopefully won't be an issue anyway.

    ETA: I've just sent you a private PM Ned.
  11. #14 Ned, Mar 27, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2013
    Yep, same details Dave, cheers.

    OK Zol, OP updated, NEW MEET POINT. Coffee and muffins it is :playful:

    Great to see Ozzy, it's been a while, a chance to check out your new ride!

    No prob's GreyDog, we missed you on the last one :(

    Cool Pos, welcome aboard.

    To all those who have shown keen interest so far, i will forward my bank details to you tonight,

  12. How is he supposed to update the attendee list?
  13. Justus, is this new? It didn't happen that way for the Black Dog Ride, where I edited some 3 months later.
  14. Mmm, good question, has the layout/format changed Justus?
  15. Is this just a recent addition?
  16. I've got the whole of Easter off so ill tag along too!! I'll transfer the funds over tomorrow on the same account as the High Country trip Ned!

    Did most of the route u have posted few weeks ago but keen to have another go at them, not to mention catch up with u n Zol!
  17. Ned, Lizzy and I are in.

    Happy to do a stint of TEC.

    How do we pay?