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[Apr 24, 2016] Melbourne to Adelaide (Return) (Melbourne, Victoria)

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Valvoline, Apr 8, 2016.

Melbourne to Adelaide (Return)
Start Date: Apr 24, 2016 07:00
End Date: Apr 24, 2016 09:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

7 Eleven petrol station
Corner Burgundy Rd & Rosanna Road, Heilderberg
Melbourne, Victoria 3084

Posted By: Valvoline

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  1. The adventures of my overpowered lawnmower with new rubbers will continue! :p
    As a second class consolation prize - since the Tasmania trip was cancelled :cry::sorry: at the last minute, I'll take off from Melbourne to Adelaide.

    Once in Adelaide, try out some of the wonderful foodie places, winery regions and of course.... home of Haighs chocolates! :D

    Melbourne --> Adelaide: COAST ROADS
    Following all the touristy spots along the Great Ocean Road, with many stops along the way for photos, drinks and seafood. Looking at places like the typical 12 (or is that 7 now...?) Apostles, The Loch, London Bridge, The Spit etc. But also lesser known places, such as Johanna, The blowholes (Cape Bridgewater), Rose Caves, Picanninni ponds and of course, the Big Lobster.

    Adelaide --> Melbourne: INLAND ROADS
    Chain of Ponds, Hahndorf, Birdwood (National Motoring Museum), Naracoorte Caves, The Grampians, Pyrenees Hwy & Mt Macedon.

    Departing Melb on Sunday 10th April and returning 17th April.

    If anyone wants to join in for part of the trip and or have suggestions of roads / places - I'd love to hear them! :) Just message me.

    I'll be posting photos in this area later....:cool:
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  2. I would love to ride with you for a day or two. Give me a day that you will get to Tailem Bend or Meningie and we can see what we can work out.
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  3. Hey sorry we missed you today
    have a great time
    hope to see you wen you get back
  4. Day 1 - Melb to Adelaide The GOR - 4 seasons in a day!

    Left Melb nice and early to ride through the city & miss the traffic. Melb Olympic park & city buildings from the tops of fly-overs looks quite pretty.

    Geelong was a good spot to make a stop to adjust the umpteen layers under riding gear, have a spot of breakky & get real cozy with the foreshore lifesavers. :rolleyes:
    View attachment 51068 View attachment 51069

    From here I knew I was heading in the right direction because I could see many tourist buses zooming down the hwy looking v determined...

    After hearing many riders tell me the GOR is one of the most dangerous roads: tight blind corners, crappy surfaces, randoms stopping in the middle of the road & plenty of slow buses, I armed myself with a bike-load of patience knowing the lean mean mower didn't have the power to pass in tight corners safely....
    However I was most pleasantly surprised that altho I did encounter a few of the above mentioned, I came to the conclusion Victorians exaggerate a little... there was quite a few passing areas and plenty of turn out areas for photos :D

    (Viccie riders: try the Captain Cook Highway in QLD and then make judgement! Lol ;) )
    View attachment 51070

    Anyhow, what made it most interesting is that this road certainly teaches you how to skid through corners...
    Step 1, get yourself a light bike
    Step 2, find yourself a tight corner (& as you're leaning into it)
    Step 3, add a gale force cross wind... Voila!! Drift into the other lane & try like crazy to steer :blackeye::wacky:

    View attachment 51071

    The scenery is amazing. Yes.
    But for some reason, it still wasn't as big-a-wow as the sheer beauty of Falls Creek / Alpine Way /Omeo Highway that I had a couple of weeks back - maybe it was due to the sheer amount of tourists and road signs...(?) Road conditions were great to Lorne. From there onwards it was fair, but not really what I'd call atrocious. Only 2 lots of dirt sections for road works is reasonable.

    The GOR - 4 seasons in a day!
    And I felt a little short changed since it's not the 12 Apostles anymore ... It's more like 7 by now :hilarious:hehe
    View attachment 51074 View attachment 51073

    Probably the most (hauntingly) beautiful was the contrast of cliff vegetation of the areas that were ravaged by fire in Xmas 2015. From Lorne to Separation Creek -You could see areas left as toothpicks protruding from blackened ground, other areas completely brown, except for tiny green tips from trunks (new life beginning). Tried to get photos of this but wasn't really successful. Wearing my 5 layers it was hard to comprehend that this area got to about 40 degrees and then more with flames 10-20m tall!!
    View attachment 51072
    View attachment 51079

    Great Otway Nat park road surface was quite decent & pets reminded me of my biking haunts back at home :rolleyes: All patchy wet from localized showers made me have to go easy.
    View attachment 51075 View attachment 51083

    The rest of the coastline went from squiggles to long flat straights that just blasted my bike every which way. I'll assume this whole coast is known for its windiness due to the trees growing on angles & the cows being furry(?)... Didn't know that was possible!

    As a last bit of day trip silliness (once one starts to get tired at the end of the ride) it was most amusing to see rolling hills of cows most curious to hear the mighty baaaaaarp noise my bike makes when I get to use full throttle. Many were spooked, but most just looked up in unison,
    Prob wondering "WTF!?"
    I guess not many riders (or cars for that matter) take the Childers Cove Rd nowadays. It was deserted!

    To end the day in Warrnambool in a cozy & warm Airbnb 2 blocks from the city Centre, with the bike parked safely in a lock up garage.

    Warm, non windy bed. Here I come.
    View attachment 51084 View attachment 51085
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  5. EricEric howdy! I'll be scoot & tooting around that area between 11-1pm Monday :)
    My plan is to do most the coastal roads leading to Adelaide as possible since I'll be doing inland on the way back.

    Would be cool to meet & ride. !
  6. Great ride report and photos. Just an early morning question, are you stopping to see the Blue Lake or maybe going down into the Caves?
  7. Most likely the picanninnie lakes & blowhole at this stage. :)
  8. Well, what a great day. I was so looking forward to meeting up with Valvoline. I finished work at 7:30 and asked my wife if it was ok to meet up with a young lady that was riding to Adelaide from Melbourne. And ride in with her. We aranged to meet at Meningie. At 10:30 I pulled my 1980 RS250 Honda out of the shed and fired her up. I took the twisty route and arrived at 1pm. When Valvoline arrived on her mighty 380 KTM, I meet a delightful young lady and I was going to lead her on a ride of her life. There was a bit of wind around with some cloud cover and I could tell by the way she was riding that this was going to be a fun ride.
    As soon as we hit the twisties she showed me what a great rider that she is. We just had a ball, I would throw it into a corner and look in my miror and there she was, into the next corner and there she was. It will be a ride that I will never forget. I had the advantage of knowing the roads and I was riding as fast as I felt comfortable. I am glad that I took the 250 where you have to have it in the right gear and hammer it out of the corners hard, carry as much corner speed into the corners, to ride quickly.
    As you can see I enjoyed that ride.
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  9. Day 2
    Warrnmabool to Melbourne

    Left Warrnambool a bit later than anticipated at 7:45am. I 'thought' the 'scattered coastal showers' would blow over if I waited.
    Qld definition of scattered coastal showers - a single crazy sporadic cloud that will dump it's load in under 5 mins flat, creating a wall of water under sunshine.
    Vic definition of scattered coastal showers - have a stretch of about 250 KILOMETERS of almost solid clouds blocking out all sun, alternating between mild to heavy rain. About the only thing that changes is the ANGLE of the rain: coming straight down, or nearly parallel to the ground, helping get into your helmet's ventilation vents!! :arghh:

    From Warrnambool to past Mt Gambier it was a little... Soggy. During this stretch I did discover (& mastered) the efficient operation of that little rubber strip sewn into your left-hand glove next to your thumb. Who over thought of this in-built motorcyclist's windscreen wipers was obviously in a similar situation that I was in. Due to this, I think I probably didn't get to appreciate as much the countryside an pretty little coastal towns had to offer.

    There were 2 places however, that I just had to stop by along this stretch. For any scuba or free-divers these are a must.

    1) Picanninnie Ponds,
    Earls Road (Picanninnie Ponds Road, doesn't show in all maps or GPS's), Wye. Although you need a permit to dive here, I've heard it is one of the best freshwater cave to dive. What makes it special is the freshwater "Chasm" that falls to about 100+m in depth of crystal clear fresh water so close to the sea.
    image. image. image.

    2) If you feel like being a human salt lick or giving your skin a mineral boost for free - The Pool of Siloam, crn McCourt & Bowman Scenic Dr, Beachport. Apparently 7 times saltier than the Dead Sea, nothing is going to sink (I guess scuba diving is out of the question).
    image. image. image.

    Mount Gambier to Meningie, Princes Hwy:
    Immediately out of Mt Gambier the landscape is dotted with white flecks of protruding limestones from grazing farms. You can sometimes you can catch glimpses of actual caves!

    The stretch between Kingston SE & Meningie is a place for larger bikes to excel with larger & smoother engines, than my single banger cylinder.... The ride is most straight and albeit a bit boring, but good to do at least once simply for the scenery. Beautiful coastal lands, pink salt flats that carry on for miles, reflective salt pools & tussocks of salt cough. a contrast to the limestone outcroppings, where you can't tell from the colour whether they're rock scatters or grazing sheep.
    image. image.

    The rd surface more so is undulating with a few dips. With open graded asphalt for good drainage. Hardly any potholes. The policed part of this stretch seems to be from Salt Creek to Meningie so stick to the speed limit or follow a faster vehicle for cop fodder!

    The pink flats gave me a chance to dry out somewhat and get excited about meeting EricEric from Adelaide.

    This champ volunteered to meet up with me at Meningie and showcase some of the Adelaide hills afternoon delights! :D :D

    Tired and a little sore, Putting into Meningie & seeing his black Honda (1980) 250cc beast was sublime for I wanted to twist & bank my bike through hills after about 400kms of straight flat roads! Boredom buster :p

    With only minimal chit chat introductions of people and bikes, Eric then proceeded to lead me over Wellington ferry and to a pretty little town of Strathalbyn overrun by correlas for a short relief stop before we got to the serious business of getting most wonderfully lost in the twistes!

    I couldn't even begin to recall the town's or rd names, for I was enjoying finding my tyres edges & trying to keep up with Eric's tiny but commanding beastie. Taking the corners like a pro it certainly made for poetry in motion seeing such a light weight machine.... There's hope for little bikes yet! Especially seeing one that was older than me!
    Only places such as Mt Lofty & Chain of Ponds stuck to mind...:oldman:

    Had so much fun I forgot to take photos. Except in a car park before exchanging a happy dance & riding off (literally) into the sunset! :rolleyes::wacky:

    A humongous thank you to EricEric the champ for having taken the day to show me some of Adelaide's curlies, even after a huge shift the night before with no sleep!! Now that's commitment!
    image. image. image.

    All in all, After about 10hrs on the bike, straights, flats, tight twistes, deserted & then traffic, farmland, caves, lakes, salt flats, mountains, rain & sunshine - I was pooped. But with a smile on my dial.

    Bike touring. This is what it's all about!! :geek::sneaky::LOL::LOL:
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  10. She is a goodun isn't she
  11. Yes Uncle Greg she is a goodun. And there is much more that I could show her, so I hope that Valvoline can do a return trip and that I am in better shape.
    So for those that want know where we road. Here it is
    Cuddly Ck.
    Chain of Ponds
    Tea Tree Gully
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  12. What a blast! Awesome to now know where we went.
    It had a total of:
    537 corners,
    69 right hand turns,
    58 left hand turns,
    52 give ways
    31 stop signs
    3 U turns
    And 2 v v happy riders!! ;):woot::cat:
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  13. RETURN TRIP PLANNING (Adelaide - Melbourne)

    :bag:Now that I've had three days in Adeliade, it is time to say "it's been nice, & thanks for all the cheese, wine, chocolates (& extra weight!)"...

    I've had time on and off the bike, simply exploring the Adelaide surrounds and wetting my whistle on what's on offer.

    I've managed to do some local bush walks, check out some artisans' food places and seen quaint charming towns & seen a fair share of koalas!

    After a last check over the bike (& its first clean after 7,500kms worth of bug splatters), the orange lawnmower is ready for a return journey inland to Melbourne!

    This time the plan is to go a little easier and do some touristing places...

    Day 1 - Adelaide to Naracoorte.
    Through Adelaide hills,
    Check out the giant olive at Tailem Bend,
    More salt flats & see
    Naracoote Caves (including some of Australia's best fossils (Naracoorte Caves National Park - Naracoorte Caves - Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources).

    Day 2 -
    Naracoorte - Grampians.
    Encompassing The Arapiles,
    Grampians, and the giant Koala at Dadswell Bridge.

    Day 3 - The Grampians to Melbourne.
    Encompassing some Aboriginal wells & 700+ year old shelter tree (The Aboriginal Shelter Tree) near Maryborough,
    Natural springs &
    Mt Macedone.

    Wish me & the weather luck!!:cool:
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  14. I am looking forward to your return trip reports. It looks like you had a great time in Adelaide. What an adventure with new place's to see and new people to meet. Ask around with some of your friends and see who has gone on such a great adventure. I hope we get to enjoy another ride somewhere.
  15. Bugger. I missed this thread til just now. Woulda been great to go for a ride with you guys. Maybe next time.
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  16. Adelaide to Naracoorte - Return Day 1

    Weather: Brilliant for a change!
    Layered up & left Adelaide early to get to the hills for some play before waving goodbye, & head towards the flat boring straights southwards towards the border.

    As per usual, I got delightfully lost, several times through the hills and in fact I managed to back track places without even realizing till later! Lol
    The early morning light filtering through pine trees hitting the meandering lower creeks squiggling through apple and vine plantations, watching the dew start to evaporate off the road, mixed with the autumn leafy colours was a memory that I can only describe as an early morning "romantic portrait". <3

    Being Mediterranean I heard about a giant olive at Tailem Bend & therefore just *had* to pose with it. As you can see, it didn't disappoint...


    Since I had already done the v bouncy Princes Hwy / Coastal road into Adelaide, I decided to see what the Dukes Hwy would be like.... Although the road surface condition was way better and less undulating that the coastal road - boring is an understatement - which isn't helped by 2 average speed camera sections (between Tailem Bend & Keith) of about 35kms total AND 40kms reduced speed limit with roadworks (Keith to Naracoorte)... On-ya SA, this is not one of your best tourist attractants....
    Although the coast road / Princes Hwy is so wavy, I'll take it any day due to at least having some nice scenery!

    The consolation prize was arriving at Naracoorte with enough time to dump luggage, change & head out to the Caves with enough time for money shot photos.
    image. image.

    The caves are worth while to come see; even if the cost (can be a bit steep if you do all caves approx $60) but the $ goes towards research and park conservation - since this is the world's richest fossil cave, I was happy to pay. If you just want to get the flavour; do a self guided 1 cave approx $10. Unless you have rug-rats, the interpretive Centre can easily be skipped. You get to see the best bone displays in the info Centre lobby. Inside the Centre (paid section) is just a few mechanized furry examples of what the megafauna may have looked like 20K + yrs ago - spend the $ on a cave tour instead.
    image. image. image.

    Word of warning in this area: if the Kangaroos don't get you, GIANT juicy bugs will!!
    image. image.

    The town is quite pretty and has many shops in the main streets. There are 3 main pubs within 2mins walking from each other - the Naracoote Hotel / Motel looks the best outside & seems to have the best food (& dessert!) menu, however not the best value for $. The Aspley Arms Hotel is one street back from the main road & doesn't look the newest, but has the best value for $ with single rooms with own bathroom/toilet & bike lock up area. They're bike friendly :)

    Grrrrrrr-ampians tomorrow... :D
    Let's hope now leaving the main highways behind, the travel will be more entertaining!
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  17. If the locals can take a wrong road, so can the visitors. Thankyou for the update. Enjoy your trip it is a goodun.
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  18. One of the great things about the Adelaide Hills: Just pick a road and see where you end up. Sometimes you find a gem, and you're never very far away from anywhere else. Big ups to touring on a one lunger!:cool:
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  19. What a day and a half we had yesterday :woot:! I'll let ValvolineValvoline tell her story. But I just wanted to say what a pleasure it had been to meet this gorgeous, brave and adventurous pocket-rocket of a girl! We had a great ride, and though the weather wasn't playing ball, we had terrific time and ticked some important POI off the list (y)

    Thanks for amazing ride, lots of great tips, and fantastic company ValvolineValvoline, I've learnt so much! And I absolutely agree with East Coast CruiserEast Coast Cruiser's sentiment, not sure about "female iron butt", but you are an inspiration!

    Leaving my place this dull, chilly and windy morning


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  20. Valvoline is the real deal and a great person to boot. She know how to cover distance and how to put her bike through the twisties. I am sorry that I could not ride more with her. You should have seen the grin when we arrived in Adelaide on both of our faces. It was fun.
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