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[Apr 23, 2015] Snowy Weekend-Last one before winter-L/P Welcome (Jindabyne, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TWEET, Feb 6, 2015.

Snowy Weekend-Last one before winter-L/P Welcome
Start Date: Apr 23, 2015 08:00
End Date: Apr 26, 2015 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST


Jindabyne, NSW

Posted By: TWEET

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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    RIDE IS FULL - 0 Places remaining.

    Travelling from Sydney to Jindabyne and spending 2 days riding the glorious roads of the NSW and VIC snowy region. This is a must see area for any enthusiastic motorcyclist. Australias best roads, and wonderful scenery.

    If you have wanted to see this area, but don't have anyone who has been there to guide you, this is your chance.

    Sydney to Jindabyne via Mac pass, Goulburn, Braidwood, Cooma.

    Jindabyne loop taking going over Kosciousko twice. Travelling right beside the great Murray River as we wind along its banks.
    Start at Jindy, head over to Adaminaby, Cabramurra, Towong, lunch at Tintaldra then down the Granya Gap and over to Corryong, Khancoban then down through Tom Groggin, Thredbo, Crackenback and finishing in Jindabyne.
    This is an awesome loop, 540km of awesome Alpine roads that right now are in excellent shape.

    The big one, we will ride one of the best motorcycling roads in Australia, the Bonang!
    Jindabyne out on the Snowy River Way towards Dalgety>Monaro Hwy to Bombala>Delegate rd to Delegate and then onto the legendary Bonang as we cross into Victoria for the magnificent run into Orbost.
    Return via the Princes Hwy to Cann River>Monaro Hwy to Cooma where we wash the bikes, then back to Jindabyne.

    Jindabyne to Sydney at out leisure, but I prefer to leave relatively early to get home without wasting the whole day doing so.

    If you are a noob, I will look after you, there is no need to fear being left behind or pressured to speed, ride dangerously.

    I will arrange excellent accommodation in Jindabyne, very central to the service station and both pubs for meals etc. Lock-up garage for the bikes, laundry and kitchen facilities etc

    Bedding consists of;
    2x Queen
    2x King Single
    2x Trundle (single bed size)
    I am taking 1x Queen, and the remaining bed options are on a first come basis based upon payment. You will not be first in just by posting that you are going.
    The order of choice is based on your payment time.

    Cost is $75 (nett of any Paypal fees) per person for the 3 nights. There is no provision to only attend and pay for 1-2 nights as that just makes it difficult, so everyone will be paying for 3 nights and it's your choice if you don't stay for all 3.

    The ride routes can be changed to suit conditions and weather, so it is flexible, but priority will be given to the Day 3 route.

    If you want to secure a bed, you will need to pay your cash to me via Paypal or direct credit upfront.

    No payment = no spot, unless I know you personally.
    If you book a spot then can't make it, you are free to sell/give your spot to someone else, but I will not manage that transaction, it will be entirely up to you to facilitate that.

    Why do I do it this way? Because it stops time wasters from putting their hands up and taking all the spots, only to pull out or not show at the last minute causing others who would have gone to then miss out.
    I have done it this way a number of times with great success, and if you don't think I can be trusted with your $$, check my posts and past ride threads, but don't message me trying to tell me how you feel uncomfortable paying upfront and try to arrange some payment plan, it isn't going to happen.

    You will need a reliable bike and a willingness to ride it.

    Check past rides I have listed, feel free to contact those who have attended if you need to be assured.
  2. 3 places remaining.
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    You know I am in :) And payment done.

    I am guessing my girlfriend with the MT-07 is in too.
  4. hopefully next time for me tweet and when I have a new bike
  5. Yep - in
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  6. Count me in.

    Same PayPal address as last time?
  7. Have fun in the Bonangs again..where's your piccies from the last one????
    Four days in a pub in Jindy probably lol!
    Pictures or it didn't happen...
  8. I'm in if there are still places available. What are payment details?
  9. 2 Places Remaining!
    Same one mate ;) what are you riding this time??

    Sending you PM
  10. You didn't like riding the MT-07 last time?

    Next one won't be until at the very least mid-October after ski season.
  11. My partner and I are interested in the ride. Are there still 2 spots available and if so, please PM your Paypal details
  12. image.
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  13. #13 TWEET, Feb 7, 2015
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    Are you both riding or 1 rider/1pillion? and what are you riding?

    One other point to note is that currently, the final 2 places remain, however despite you being a couple, you would be last to join and pay, therefore you will most likely NOT get the only available Queen bed, instead ending up with the 2 trundle beds.
  14. No idea what I'll be riding. Hopefully something shiny, I still haven't bought a new bike. And I'll pay you this afternoon when I get home.
  15. No problem Tom. I've saved your spot mate ;)
  16. Yes we both ride, partner rides a 2004 Triumph Sprint 955 and I ride a 2013 Ducati Monster 696. We're also fine with trundle beds. Pretty sure we can survive 3 nights without being in the same bed. That said, partner is 6' 2", so would that be ok for tall people? I'm 4' 11" so that kind of stuff doesn't phase the shorties :)
  17. Actually don't worry about answering the trundle bed question. He'll be ok in the bed
  18. Very good, I just like to be transparent and not have anyone surprised or unhappy. If people know what to expect, all is usually well.
    I'll PM the details.
  19. I like transparency - it makes life much easier.
  20. RIDE IS FULL!!!!
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