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NSW [Apr 17, 2016] Southern Feeder Ride for Netrider Flag Raising

Discussion in 'NSW' started by icemaker, Mar 31, 2016.

Southern Feeder Ride for Netrider Flag Raising
Start Date: Apr 17, 2016 09:00
End Date: Apr 17, 2016 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Grey Gums Cafe
8679 Putty Road
Putty 2330

Posted By: icemaker

Confirmed Attendees: 3
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  1. To give these city slickers a hand raising the Netrider flag so they avoid breaking a nail, hornethornet and myself are hosting a ride up to Grey Gums for the event and it would be great if we can get a crew of southern Netrider members to join in.

    The meet point is at the Shell Coles Express, 434 Crown St Wollongong - https://goo.gl/maps/pCdzF87ffMm
    Id suggest meeting there at 8:30am for a 9am departure so we can arrive comfortably before 12pm for the flag raising.

    The proposed route includes Mt Keira, Picton, Silverdale Rd to Wallacia and Putty Rd to Grey Gums.

    The ride back will probably be the same but we can discuss it on the day if there is a majority or group that want to do something different.

    The ride will be lead by hornethornet, I have volunteered to Tec and it will be a L and P plate friendly ride so if you feel you can do the distance there and back it would be great to have you along. It would be awesome to meet other Netrider members from the South Coast, Southern Highlands and Illawarra so get on ya bike and lets make this an event to remember.
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  2. Southerners are being a little shy. Come on guys, it'll be fun
  3. GeorgeOGeorgeO I'm in, I'm getting the bike back Thursday.
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  4. About time you had a wobble around the track with us then WombleWomble
  5. Good! Will be nice seeing you again
  6. I was at the Grey Gum on both Saturday and Sunday; Kim and John are looking forward to our coming!
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  7. It's going to happen just need some leather trews and fresh tyres.
  8. Have a word with icemakericemaker he's got some up for grabs. Trews, not tyres.
  9. Will meet you @ Coles......weather permitting!
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  10. OK gonna give this a nudge seems like peeps are a bit shy...dont worry GeorgeOGeorgeO aint that bad.

    oldcorollasoldcorollas I know, would love you to join us. A quick Wollongong search came up with twinnytwinny Lady SliderLady Slider TanksieTanksie Shawn MT07Shawn MT07 LattsLatts AlbervinAlbervin kingykingy StiboStibo, good opportunity to meet like minded people guys.
    caz64caz64, trd2000trd2000 philfromaccountingphilfromaccounting RocknRollTractorRocknRollTractor are the only guys I know are from the southern highlands, would be happy to meet at Picton which is much more convenient for you guys.
    No pressure, it'll just be nice to meet some local netriders
  11. Now folks, I've just had a discussion with GeorgeO about possibly bringing our ride together with the Sydney ride. It's doable but it would require us leaving Wollongong at about 7:30 to meet up with him and the Sydney crew at about 9:30 at McGrath's Hill and leave pretty-well straight away????? Thoughts????
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  12. I prefer the 9 .00 am departure .......but .......
  13. hornethornet - we can stretch the departure to 10:00 (and flag raising to 12:30) so that you can at least have a Macca's famous breakfast!
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  14. It only takes an hour to get to Grey Gums from Graths Hill. If they leave at 9:30.....call it 10am and you'll get there at 11:00am. Shit loads of time for the 12pm flag raising.
  15. icemakericemaker - The route i planned goes through Pitt Town to Lower Sackville where we take the ferry and then on to Grey gum. Googly says 1h50 ride - but I was planning on 'bunching up' the group at the ferry crossing and also taking into account we have 90kph L platters I'm planning on 2 - 2.5 hours to get there
  16. Thats cool and fine with me but if we have L and P platers, that ride makes it quite a large one.
  17. When I ran a few large rides a couple of years back, we'd split into fast, intermediate and L/P groups. As long as you have TEC and corner markers (typically the faster riders who can make it back to the head of the queue) it all ran fairy smoothly with folks enjoying the ride at their own pace with no stress to keep up.
  18. I crunched the numbers, if we meet at McGraths Hill and follow the Sydney crew = 490km vs our original route direct to Grey Gums 430km.
    Not a issue for most experienced rider but could be daunting for L and P platers. I guess we'll just see who joins our Southern crew and make a call later.

    Sorry WombleWomble, large was in reference to kilometres travelled and time on the bike.
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  19. I was going to ask for a 'buddy' system (each newby 'followed'by someone more experienced) with a TEC at the back. Those comfortable at 100km go first, the 90kmh group at the end.
  20. An Epic ride for an Epic day!