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NSW [Apr 17, 2016] Newcastle/Hunter Flag Raising Feeder Ride (Wallsend, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by DrSleepy, Apr 8, 2016.

Newcastle/Hunter Flag Raising Feeder Ride
Start Date: Apr 17, 2016 08:00
End Date: Apr 17, 2016 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Coles Express Wallsent EAST
15 Thomas Street
Wallsend, NSW 2287

Posted By: DrSleepy

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. My fellow degenerates,

    As previously noted in this thread, I'll be attending the Netrider flag raising at the Grey Gum Cafe on April 17th. I'm extending an invite to anyone who would like to come along for the ride and meet some fellow NR denizens. This is an L & P friendly ride, although please be comfortable doing the 90 km/h speed limit.

    From Newcastle, I'll be heading out over Sugarloaf, then either to Cessnock OR to Wollombi via Ellalong, Paxton & Millfield before heading to Broke and down the Putty from there. The distance is approximately 175 km one-way. The final route will be posted here the night before, depending on who else would like to come and where in the Hunter you are.

    Time: 0800 for 0830 departure.
    Meet: Coles Express Wallsend EAST (15 Thomas St, Wallsend -- the outbound side of the road)
    Fuel: Meet point, Broke (95 only).
    Additional Meet Points: Wollombi OR Cessnock; Caltex Broke.

    Please let me know where your preferred place to meet is via RSVP, reply to the thread or PM. Choices are: start point, Cessnock, Wollombi or Broke.
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  2. Hi Doc, have you heard back from any Newy riders as yet
  3. I live in Gosford. Is there a possible meet point that you would suggest?
  4. Not as of yet Cam_2318Cam_2318 -- wanna come along?

    Spart106Spart106: there are three main options: Wollombi (~75 km, approx 1-1.5 hrs), Cessnock (~85 km, same time via the M1 & M15) and Broke (~105 km via Wollombi). You're certainly welcome to come along. I'd probably pick the route via Wollombi because the road is much more interesting than the freeway, although there are a couple of slightly tricky corners. I'd be expecting to be at Broke around 10-10.30, so factor that into when you'd need to leave.
  5. Hi Doc, Im definitely planning on coming. I have just been keeping an eye on the thread to see who else is going. I'm an L plater so didn't want to hold the group up if I'm the only L rider. Similar if it's only the two of us, is it worth you having to do 90 out there with a noob for the sake of one rider?
  6. Hey mate, I am hoping to come too and am also an L plater :).
  7. Hi mate, ok cool Spart106Spart106. DrSleepyDrSleepy if you are planning on going over Sugie could we grab Spart106Spart106 at Seahampton if he zipped up the freeway early enough and got off at the Cardiff exit if it turns out to be us 3 only?
  8. No problems at all Cam_2318Cam_2318. Being on Ls is fine. :) If the numbers are small we can be flexible with times & places.

    At the moment, I'm thinking the most 'fun' route will be Sugarloaf -> Richmond Vale -> Mulbring -> Sandy Creek Rd -> Millfield -> Wollombi -> Broke. The only problem with this is that the Payne's Crossing Rd to Broke is currently closed. If its not open by Sunday we'll have to suck it up & go through Cessnock. Either way we'll still pass through Seahampton, so if Spart106Spart106 would like to meet us there, no problem.
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  9. Cheers Doc, then I'm in. I'm near Fern Bay so will see you at Shell Servo at 8.
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  10. My bike goes in to Graham Boyds for some love on Friday so I'm good to go. Also they are replacing the sator or stator assembly as its been recalled by Yamaha. No idea what that is
  11. It's a rather important bit of the electrical system. See here for details.
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  12. Slight update to the route: the Payne's Crossing Rd is closed until April 29th (at the earliest) so we'll be going via Mulbring -> Cessnock. Same time & meet points, still able to pick up Spart106Spart106 in Seahampton if you like.
  13. Sounds good Doc, I'm just playing follow the leader as such.
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  14. Hi Doc, no changes or rearranges at this time? Also have you heard from Spart106Spart106 ?
  15. Sorry been busy with work all day :(. It doesnt look like I can make it, I got roped into family stuff tomorrow, sorry for the stuff around :(.
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  16. No dramas just didn't want to miss you if you were heading up.
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  17. I appreciate the effort and thought! Very soon I will no longer work Saturdays so I hope to go on more rides around here/newcastle and Sydney.
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  18. All as planned Cam_2318Cam_2318 -- 0800 at the Coles Wallsend East. Route will be out over Sugarloaf, then either via Mulbring to Cessnock or via Buchanan / Kurri if there's any rain about. See you tomorrow! :)
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  19. Forecast doesn't look too bad for our neck of the woods. Maybe some showers on the way home, but all in all not too foul
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  20. Have a good ride and Happy Birthday Doc, enjoy your day