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[Apr 17, 2016] Netrider Flag Raising (Putty, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by GeorgeO, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. #1 GeorgeO, Mar 22, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2016

    So as it turns out the Netrider Flag has never officially been raised at Grey Gum Cafe and due to various reasons the previous attempt to organise a suitable 'posse' was not successful.

    So this is a call to arms to all Netriders - young and old, small and tall, thin or weight challenged to post, share, email, and spread the word of the event of the year to take place at Grey Gum on Sunday the 17th of April 2016.

    The official flag raising will take place at 13:00pm. So please make sure you are at Grey Gum for this memorable event.

    I will lead a small feeder ride from McGraths Hill McDonalds to Grey Gum. (L and P friendly). Others welcome to make their own way and to meet us there or to organise other feeder runs.

    Planned route:

    Google Maps

    Meet: 9:30 for 10:00 - 10:30 departure
    Where: McGraths Hill McDonalds

    We should be at Grey Gum by latest 12:00.

    This would also be the perfect opportunity, if you have any Netrider gear, to proudly wear this!

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  2. I will probably take seniorsenior up that way with the cage, as I probably won't have a bike I can "legally" ride at that point and seniorsenior will still be a little damaged from his little off. But it would be great seeing everyone again.
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  3. Top organisation George, and it will be great to see you and your dad, Michael....
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  4. I'm in if I get my bike back from the garage. It's waiting on new brake discs - three weeks and counting - I'm going nuts and considering buying another bike to tide me over.
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  5. Yeah I should be right for this one. Maybe a feeder ride from the 'gong can be orgainsed, there are a few of us down here now.
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  6. Yeah let's do that!!
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  7. I think this would be a great opportunity to get some local people together for a fairly relaxed run. What do you reckon hornethornet, you lead, Id be happy to tec and maybe start a new feeder thread?
    That member map feature that's being discussed would be handy round about now!
  8. Sod's law!
    Yesterday, I was free as a bird on April 17th.
    Today, this is the third thing that I've gotta pass on.
    Sorry & enjoy the ride
  9. Let's do that. Say, leave from Hungry Jack's, Yallah, at 10:00 am???
  10. I'd be in, although coming down from the top end. Happy to bring any Novocastrian Netriders with me. Will put up a thread in due course.
  11. Sorry GeorgeOGeorgeO I'll be away OS!

    Looking forward to seeing lots of photos!
  12. P plater friendly !!!

    I'm in.

    Couldn't make the 20/03/16 ride due to other commitments and thought I'd missed out.
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  13. I'm a MAYBE for now. It's hard to get a ride pass on a Sunday.
  14. Thanks for the invite George but I'll be overnighting at Hill End that weekend.
  15. Bugger, I'll be in BNE on that day.....:facepalm:
  16. GeorgeOGeorgeO DrSleepyDrSleepy I have to pass on this one as I will be away on holidays
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  17. I'm in and looking forward to it.
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  18. I'll be there!
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  19. Sounds like a great excuse to go for a ride. Will see if Finance Minister will give me a leave pass.:)
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  20. Beg or make ridiculous promises, you have to be there to witness The Flag.....
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