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Approx $8K, not older than a 2K model will buy me what ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. * Something around 500cc - 800cc
    * Sports to Sports Tourer - I really like the setup of the ZZR, it works for me. The setup of the CBR250RR's were far to wristy and bent over for me
    * 15,000 Kms or less

    Some have said that the ZZR600 will obviously suit. I could certainly ride the GSX750F, and I like the look of the setup of the SV650s and the VTR1000F (although I think a 1 litre bike will kill me on insurance)

    What else could be considered contenders ?
  2. The GSX750F is on my list at around that price. How about a Yamaha TDM also?

    If you raise your Kms a little you could slot onto a Balckbird, VFR750 or ZZR1100 -1200.

    Keep an eye on www.bikesales.com.au or www.bikepoint.com.au
  3. You might get an older Viffer - the VFR750 is still regarded as one of the best bikes ever.

    FJ1200 might be worth a peek, you'd get a beauty for those dollars.

    I wouldn't pull the trigger on anything without riding a Hornet first though, I was dead set on a sports-tourer til I got my grubby fist around the throttle of a Hornbag.
  4. so Loz, when after 22/01 can you come to Monday Coffee at Brandon Park and let me have a spin on yours ?
  5. sniff, Loz offered me a ride of the Big Brother at the BBQ, but things got busy near the end of the day and I missed out, sniff :cry:
  6. Oh bugger, I'm busy that year! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. if you ask real nice like I'll let you take mine for a run :)

    Its going on the market in the next few weeks
  8. ZZR600

    Good bike, you should pick one of those up pretty cheaply.... $6k at Spoton...


    Have a browse through their catalogue... its fun... AND informative... :)
  9. for the sportier feel, CBR600F/ZZR600/YZF600R - all fairly light feeling with comfy positions/seats and racey ISH feel to them

    otherwise, probably the GSX750F or VFR750/800 would be more angled towards the comfy factor than the racey side.

    and nakedbikes are an option too? definately the SV, Z, CB or FZ. feck the bikini farings on a naked, if you're getting a naked bike, let it be NAKED :twisted:

    or pick your favorite sportsbike, rip the farings off and stick some MX bars on it. best way to get a comfy bike with sports feel and go :cool:
  10. yeah, my heart says Hornet, but VFR is a recurring theme.

    Fabulous Honda engineering, etc etc (has Marty sold his blue one yet...?)
  11. Have you ridden your brother's? I didn't get along all that well with the VFR.
  12. Lots of people say nice things about the GSX750F, but it's a shame Suzuki didn't spend a couple of bucks on a restyled fairing/headlights.

    Though it's funny - the blue ones look a helluva lot better than the grey ones. :-k

    Sounds like Doonks and I have pretty similar criteria (though I've got to wait another 5 weeks :evil: ). But I'll be looking at bikes that've travelled up to 30,000 klicks, if they've been looked after.
  13. I have, mate and it's an amazing machine. My only problem was coming off a round-about it stood up and went straight ahead into the other lane: there's a lot of difference between riding a bike with an 18" front wheel and a 16" front wheel :shock:

    His only complaint is that the bars are a little low for longer trips, and he can't afford $300 for a set of risers. But it's serviced regularly, '95 model and it has 130,000 on the clock and looks like it's going to last forever.....
  14. I guess I can stretch further on th K's. It's just that I've done about 6500 K's since April 05 as the bike is my daily commute. So whatever I get i will be moving the K's up fairly quickly.
  15. I got a 03 sv for that price, with under 8k on the clock.....
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  17. I also know of a particular silver model that is also for sale! :wink:
  18. Doonks - check out the SV650 as BiX said. Lovely bike, and if you shop around you should find a low km 03 or 04 model in excellent condition for $8k. Suits your sport to sport-cruiser criteria too.
  19. SV650?

    Hey mate, I don't know you at all, but I have ridden both the SV650S and CBR600F4 (infact I owned a 2000 CBR6, Which there is one for sale on this site for $7300).

    I thought I might offer a few thoughts, bearing in mind free advice is often worth exactly what you paid for it, nothing :LOL: .

    The CBR was a great commuter (Road to work everyday in Melbour for 2 years on it), good for touring (did Tassie on it a few times) and was a great hill scratcher two. It has a really nice upright sitting position and didn't hurt my wrists, which my current bike does.

    I would ride a few bikes, including the YZF600R & CBR before making a descision on any bike. I rode my friend SV650S a few times and found it was heavier, the twin wasn't anywhere near as smooth and gave less k's out of a tank of fuel (like about 30ks less) on a run. The SV650S was still a really nice ride though and I did enjoy it, just not the extra weight or vibration.

    You could buy a higher K's VFR800/750, they are about for the money you are looking at and they are just amazing touring & commuting.

    My girl has just upgraded her ZZR250 to a 1998 YZF600R Thunder Cat, (which is an amazing smooth ride compared to my old FZR600) as she wanted a sporty bike (with go fast goodies supplied) that was still tour enabled, at the ~$6k price mark.

    Goodluck, hope this helps.
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