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Appropriate riding gear missing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Garido, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I know it's not compulsory to wear the 'right' gear, but I'm a firm believer in wearing the correct safety gear when riding the bike. No matter how good we are as riders, we are at the peril of the next stupid cager pulling a SMIDSY on us. My skin is to valuable to myself to risk it for these idiots.

    Traveled to Edithvale today, taking Eastlink to Greens Rd, then across to Springvale Rd and south to Edithvale. From the moment I left Eastlink I saw 5 riders, all of them in shorts, and some in t-shirts as well. Most of them were wearing sneakers as footwear. Stupid behaviour imo, on a day which wasn't all that warm anyway. Good luck to them!
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  2. oh fuck a nodding thread......ace

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  3. no brain no pain, yeah wait till they get a skin graft...
  4. As a newb I just can't understand this sort of behavior... I don't see it very regularly while commuting to/from work but all too frequently on weekends.
  5. most won't agree, but i do.
    you'd have to be dumb as dog shit to wear sneakers on a motorbike. road or trail.

    not about training/awareness 'vs' atgatt
    different eggs, different baskets.
  6. i still nod to them though. free country. be as dumb as you like. yep good luck to them
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I always wear nothing but a kevlar g-string and an upside down colander for a helmet (held on with red rubber bands... everyone knows the red ones are the best). This safety conscious attire has the added bonus that my clothes stay nice and dry in my gearsac. Plus it's aerodynamic and the friction reducing properties of kevlar stops my arse crack from chafing when I lean into corners.
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  9. Thats interesting, The Thanks comes up as a Nod,
    I think I might Nod off,

    Along beach road, Today, Two on a scooter, Both wearing thongs, no socks, (The foot type of thong,)

    Now thats scary,
  10. I'd be more worried if they were wearing socks WITH thongs!
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  11. *groan*
    cereally? We're going here again?
    who the hell are you assclowns to even form an opinion, let alone express it?
    Look at statistics. How many people ride without gear vs with gear?
    What percentage of people from each camp are involved in collisions?
    I'm not for a moment saying i have the answer, i'm both too tired to care and too lazy to search. But obviously you have the answers, you know everything
    and if you assholes EVER wear any less than a 1 piece race suit you're nothing more than a hypocrite having a sook on the internet.

    Button up that cardi, it's getting cold
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  12. What I don't get is why we are getting this thread in April?? Definte evidence for global warming if you ask me.
  13. Motorcycles are dangerous, I wear a $3000 Alpinestars MotoGP grade one-piece suit on every ride. I think anything less is stupid behaviour.
  14. Come to Wollongong, plenty of squid down here anyday of the week...personally I always atleast wear kevlar jeans, mesh jacket, gloves and riding boots, wouldn't dream of wearing shorts and t-shirts.
  15. Squid.:nopity:
  16. I wore my thongs on my scooter today (well yesterday). God I am a rebel. You squares just dont get it do you. The freedom, you curl up in your atgatt cocoon thinkin that you are safe, you wouldnt know freedom if it wore a alpinestar one piece.
  17. I usually wear my left glove. Then put on the right one about 5km from home. It's worked for me so far.
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  18. Give it 10 yrs and with the attitudes of riders like yourself and you can bet it will be illegal to even sit on a bike without all the fucking gear the safety crats will insist we wear.. and while I'm aiming the flamethrower, do you wear a flouro yellow vest????????

    BTW. I wear my gear because I choose too, and that's my choice, if I was told I had to wear it, it just might force me off the bike for good.

    Live your life, worry about yourself and let everybody else live theirs...
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  19. I see lots of thong wearing scooter riders. If you wanna be a real scooter rebel...............wear your full leathers, racing boots and gloves :) heheheh.
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  20. Lol I wear mine coz I crash allot and hate replacing my designer jeans and fully sick shoes :-s:-s:-s