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Appropriate Pipes for C50

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by ScottyD, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. I'm a newbie who bought a 2007 C50 Boulevard a few months ago and am now suffering serious pipe envy after following a bloke on a nice white M109 through Terrigal last week. I'm now painfully aware of my volvo sounding exhaust note, and it just won't do any more.

    I've always loved the deep throaty growl of a V tiwn, and want my bike to have just that. I'm not interested in maximum performance improvement, since I'm quite a girly rider (like just cruising along). My bike is fitted with the windscreen and saddle bags, so I don't really want to spoil (what I consider to be) the classical elegant lines. I also like something reasonably loud, but not annoyingly so (or illegal).

    Being a complete numpty, I don't really know what's going to be the best option. Is there some way that I can hear a variety of configuration's sounds? I've been flogging you-tube a bit, but it can be hard to work out just what it would sound like live. Is there some commonly agreed brand/set up that sounds good? The Hard Krome 2 into 1s with sideburner sounds great on you-tube. Does anyone think it might look a bit silly on a C50 set up like mine? Should I change the airfilter too? Does the computer need to change as well?

    I don't know, so confused. Guide me oh great, learned ones.


  2. I've got a C50 and I've added a K&N filter, cobra streetrod slashdown pipes and cobra fuel management, it's quite loud but that's music to my ears, if it is too loud for you, the beauty of them is you can add a cobra baffle made for the pipe, slip in, slip out, that will reduce the loudness and give more of a deeper rumble
  3. Ohhh and a tip, buy from America, massive saving, I got all the above including delivery cheaper than the pipes alone if I bought them here
  4. G'day Goz. Thanks for the help, they've definitely gone on the list to suss. I had a quick search on the net, they look and sound pretty cool. Looks like I'll be buying from the states too.

    What's your opinion on the 2 into 1s? How would they differ from what you've got? Do you reckon they could be suitable as well?
  5. spose its a personal taste, sound would be the same
  6. Hmm, ok. In that case then the Cobras could be the go. Its hard to tell from the YouTube clips I've seen, but a few of them sound fantastic and they look pretty sweet. Did you have to change the filter or do anything else?
  7. They recommend you get the Cobra fuel management so u don't get the popping and backfire, i still get it cause i should have bought the pipes that includes the air sensor, mines tucked under my seat, I could disconnect it but the Fuel injection light stays on, air filter is an option, up to you
  8. Right, good to know. At least I've now got a decent start point. I just had a quick look online and found the pipes should come to around $400 - $500, which seems pretty reasonable. I reckon this option might take some beating at this point.

    Thanks heaps Goz. Cheers mate.
  9. Hey Scotty, Another option is Vance & Hines. They are similar to the Cobra brand but from what I've heard, their sound is a 'little' less than the Cobras.

    I've got a Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom and its fitted with V&H Cruzers (& I simply love them). You can also YouTube this and check out the sound on the Yamaha.

    V&H are also very popular and as Goz said, buy from the US.

    CHECK THIS V&H link for pipes which are for your C-50.

    Enjoy. :D
  10. Thanks Lazy. I was looking at the V&H, they look and sound real nice. I'm starting to think though, that if I'm going to do this mod, then I should go all the way. Current thinking is still toward the LOUD option of the Cobras (with Fi2000 and K&N filter), and then if I'm too much of a soft cock and get scared, I can some baffles to tame things down a bit.

    ....something tells me I won't be needing the baffles...
  11. just make sure u buy the cobras with the air sensor input, thats where i fucked up
  12. Will do Goz, cheers. BTW I'm currently checking out suppliers 'over there' and comparing prices. Do you mind if I ask who you went with?
  13. Hey Goz, had you tried just disabling the O2 sensor? Just a thought...

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  14. Ye the Fi light stays on when you do

  15. ahh didnt see the link as i was on the iPhone, thanks for that :)
  16. Hope it helps mate
  17. A little late, but +1 on the cobras. I have streetrods on my '09 c50. V&H are also good.

    Worth getting a fuel processor as well, especially if you swap the intake as well (with one or the other it is preferable, both makes it practically a must)

    If you get 'popping' (without the processor), you can disable the PAIR valve if it annoys you enough. It is injecting air into the exhaust gasses to make it seem cleaner. Google it or check one of the Volusia forums for details.
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    I have the Hard chrome 2into1's with the Power Commander 5 and the
    kuryakyn hypercharger c thread 121924 or you tube