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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spongesam, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. how often to bike mech apprenticeships get offered?
    i have never really noticed any...

    i'd be extremely highly interested in doin that... because at the moment I am looking for a job

    and i could just do tafe part time :D

    also... anyone able to offer their advice and look over my resume and y'know, give me some advice etc

    but main query is about bike mech apprenticeships... that'd be swell... cheers guys!
  2. I saw one advertised on netrider a while back, let me see if I can find a link.

    here it is
  3. Your best bet is enquiring with the bike shops directly.
  4. lol its quite a boring job really , for the first three months you be cleaning the bikes , detailing , which takes over 2hrs for 1 bike , then proshining it , to make it brand new , then some plex when the customer is about to pick it up
  5. What is plex?
  6. Apprenticeships are ncredibly rewarding, ignore people who think trades are for morons....
    Sure as a first year you won't be trusted with much, but as you learn, you will get more responsibility. And at the end you can go out and work for yourself.
    Tradespeople are in incredibly short supply at the moment, and is not going to change due to teh above attitude.
    Job satisfaction is very high with a trade too, you get to see what you have done, instead of psuhing some papers or a mouse around and seeing no end result.
    Best way to get an apprenticeship is to get around to all teh mechanics and leave resumes, talk to them etc. Most apprenticeships are not advertised.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. thanks 4 the replies guys :) much appreciated
  8. Hey Spongesam, Peter Stevens in dandenong is currently looking for an apprenticeship.

    Apprenticeship Motorcycle Mechanic
    Peter Stevens is one of largest retailers of motorcycles, selling leading brands such as Harley Davidson, Triumph & Suzuki.
    Due to growth in our new workshop we are looking to take on 2 new Apprentices. If you have a love for motorcycles this is a great opportunity to get into the industry at ground level.
    Forward resumes to: Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Att: Branch Manager, 109 Lonsdale St , Dandenong 3175 jasonm@peterstevens.com.au
  9. I believe they are also looking for someone to assemble and test ride new bikes. Might be worth a look.
  10. yay!!!

    i'll let u guys know how i go!
  11. GO for it mate and good luck! :grin:
  12. If I wasn't going OS in a few months I'd be interested in getting an apprenticeship... sick of the office job, bored senseless!!

    Goodluck, let us know how u go :cool:
  13. Hey sponge sam...

    I used to work in recruitment so if you want me to check out your resume...send me an email...should be in my profile i think... :grin:

    Good luck with the apprenticeship... :grin:
  14. plex is like a spray polisher , makes your bike shinny. i hope your not expecting to earn bucket loads , as you get around $340 for 6 days work , thats the award wage.

    And geo can you check mine, mines all screwed , neva new you put your recent jobs first and so on
  15. $340 for a first year apprentice???? Man, I did my apprenticeship at the wrong time...I started on $141 a week!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Yeah starting wage will be pathetically low but remember it is costing the employer quite a bit to train you up so you've gotta take that into account as well.

    As has already been said, these sorts of trades are in high demand and there is always interest in aprentice mechanics so you shouldnt have any trouble finding something if you are genuinely keen.

    Oh and dont be put off by the low starting wage. It is exactly that...a starting wage. It will increase dramatically once your trained up.

    Good luck
  17. That can't be legal. $3.50 an hour? What the hell!?! :p

    At least it would have little effect on your Centrelink payments. Heh - if you were on allowance while studying full-time, you could work full-time and keep the lot. Something not right about that. :roll:
  18. Thats 6 days a week and the employer dosent pay you i dont think, or they get it back on tax ,
  19. My guess is at 35yrs of age Typhoon did his apprenticeship between 15-20yrs ago. I don't think 'centrelink' even existed then, it was something else, and apprentices everwhere got peanuts. I was on $190p/w working in a Bank 20yrs ago 8-5 mon-Fri
  20. haha I win $81 per week! oh that was 24 years ago :cry: