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Apprentice Panel Beater/Painter - Honda Spada

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by trigger184, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. My Honda Spada Needs minor body work and paint job. That I hope to achieve as cheaply as possible.

    Anyone got any ideas? If there are any apprentices out there who would appreciate the expierence let me know.

    Anyone know how much this should cost? Block colour, minor body fill, two-pack clear.

    There isnt much to a spada, petrol tank, front mud guard, rear seat cowl.

    Appreciate any input?


  2. Find a NR that does spray painting, with compressor and spray gun. Buy paint. come up with a design. Bring a slab or two (maybe offer a bbq) + bike and weekend.
  3. Don't know any in Melbourne do you Willzah? looking to spruce up my old girl a tad too. Dent in the tank, cowl needs a repaint. IF (big IF) I can find a sticker set, might consider doing the tank.
  4. id do it for ya but im in syd
    A good job on the cheap for a spada 300-500$ depending on repairs paint who does it ect.
  5. what you riding? Take some pics to a sign writers. Did my Spada decals up a treat. cheep too.
  6. I could prob get them done for next to nothing by a mate with a sticker cutter. They don't need to be anything special really do they? Going to be under a few layers of clear coat anyway.