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Appreciation for the Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nice2Bnaked, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Just wondering how many of you riders out there have an apreciation for the streetfighter, as we are seeing more of these machines out on the road.
    For those who dont know, a streetfighter is not a nakedbike. A nakedbike is a machine that rolls off the factory floor in the non-faired guise, even though it may have a close relative with the fantastic plastic (eg: ER6n/ ER6f)
    A streetfighter is a bike that originally had some sort of fairing and has been crashed or modified to give it a bare look.
    It has taken off overseas, in europe especially, with the agressive, hunch-back style germanic streetfighters appearing in many magazines.
    Originally they came from couriers in europe, who after crashing their sportsbikes, toughened them up with MX bars and twin spotlights.
    Nearly all stunters use a streetfighter style of bike.

    So how many of you would chop up youre sporty after a crash instead of restoring it to normal? Poll a YES for a chop, and a NO for restoring to standard... By the way, repairing youre bike would probably have to be done by the professionals, whereas real streetfighters are built in the garage.

    I personally love them, and think its a shame to hide youre motor, the distributor of all your fun and passion, under fairings. Unless youre touring.
  2. Some of them look excellent, some of them look terrible.
    You can get the look on a Speed Triple or a Brutale, I guess - but keep your warranty :)
    Spose they're cheaper to crash too :grin:

    They totally have their place as tough-looking, fun bikes you don't have to worry about scratching.

    I'd miss the fairing on the highway or in the rain though.
  3. Love em but i need my fairing, although i was thinking about making my bike a SF but it wouldn't really stand up to the beating a SF gets so its staying a race bike.
  4. that's why i got a naked :grin:
  5. i have an industrialestatefighter :grin:
  6. my bike had a fight with the street. :shock:

    the street won, :?

    the street usually wins that fight. :p
  7. I find as you get older and have been riding more, your tastes change. When I first started riding (7 years ago), I wouldn't even consider anything that didn't have a full fairing.

    Now that I've owned (and crashed) a few bikes, I find I like the semi-naked look a lot more than I used to. So much so, my current bike is an SV1000s. It looks good, sounds good (with pipes) and I havent tested it yet, but I reckon it would crash well too.

    Regarding the streetfighter look, they were very popular in England when I lived there. I don't mind a good streetfighter, but I find I have to have something with a screen for the highway. Also, some of those aftermarket lights/fairings/brackets etc. can be expensive. Check out http://www.austreetfighter.com.au, most of the good fairing/headlight combos are at least $500 unpainted. That $500 buy a lot of second hand fairings on some bikes. Then you're losing the resale value because people won't pay as much for a streetfighter. In my mind, if you can do the work yourself, it always pays to return a bike to original condition.
  8. Personally I don't like them.

    I assume that the owner lacks effort for not getting the bike back to its original condition after crashing it.

    I guess I just like bikes in their original condition. If you like naked, then go buy a naked bike.
  9. Some of them have very ugly holes in the frame where they were saving weight and it was meant to be hidden behind the fairing. If I was gonna build one I'd probably try to find an aesthetic solution for that problem, but yeah, I'm keen on the idea of picking up a repairable write-off that is fully functional but just has fairing damage and streetfightering it to end up with a hot recent sportsbike for a lot less money and with a lot less potential to in tern by written off in an otherwise minor prang.

    Dunno if anyone has experience with insuring one?
  10. Streetfighters are bloody awesome. I'd love one, but I think I'd rather a Brutale, S4RS or Speed Triple and then mod them a bit (bars, rearsets, bits o' bling, can etc) rather than buy an old GSXR or Ninja then pull it apart
  11. Since when cant streetfighters be a naked?
  12. There's a stripped back R1 parked around Newtown every now and again, it's bar up material :---)
  13. I think he meant, just cos it's naked doesn't make it a 'fighter.

    It's like all poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles...

    +1 for the streefighter, it's the sport bike equivalent of a chopper. Art man, art.
  14. <---- Loooooves the streetfighter look. Light, aggressive, muscly and mean. If/when I crash the ZX9 I've got some plans. Right now though, it would be more expensive to fighter it than to ride it around as is.
  15. Streetfighters look alright. Prefer a faired bike myself but can appreciate a good s/f.
  16. I'm not a fan of f/faired bikes.

    My favourite Jap bike would be SP1/2 - for the sound, performance and handling. Finding one with wrecked fairings, handlebars but a straight frame would lead to IMHO, a great streetfighter :cool:

    Many bikes were stripped back years ago to make a "Cafe Racer" - again a simple naked design with maybe a small bikini fairing.

    Good point on the insurance though Bravus - I guess an assessor would see it has no fairings, so not pay to replace them.
  17. My brother in law rides a streetfightered zx9. Tank has been resprayed black and the rear fairings have been replaced with checkerplate aluminium. The only accessory it needs to set it off is a holster for a sawn off double barrel.

    It's very Mad Max.

    He calls it "The Feral."
  18. Not just effort, but money. And not just money, but value for money. I pranged mine and the bike is only worth about $4-5K. It would have taken about $2-2.5k to get it back to absolute original and most of the damage was only cosmetic. I still would have only got $4-5K for it.

    Add to that I'm actually prefering it the way it is. The old fairing wasn't exactly stylish and was really showing it's age.

    For a few hundred dollars I got it up and running and have had a good work horse for 12 months or so.

    Generally I don't like the full-on ones, with the kicked up seats. I don't like the really wide bars either.
  19. aha! but a naked can be turned into a streetfighter..
  20. This is really interesting because I do love both naked bikes and streetfighters. I'm noticing that the bike magazines have started referring to some nakeds (that are normally the de-tuned versions of a fully faired, sports version) as streetfighters - straight out of the crate basically.

    A few of the ones they like to call s/f are: CB900 Hornet, FZ6N, FZ1N, Z750, Z1000, etc. etc...

    I understand that originally it's meant to refer to ex-sportsbikes/superbikes that have been stripped of its fairings, but maybe the definition has changed now?