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Appreciating your own bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. So the Bandit has been in getting a major service and a new chain and sprockets for the past couple of days - I pick it up tomorrow morning.

    I've been riding a loaner, an awesome 1983 GT550! It's a hoot to ride, because going slow feels like going fast! It has pretty much a straight-through pipe, so it bellows like hell, and you can rev it out through the gears... and be doing 60! It doesn't go very fast, but that's OK because it doesn't really handle or brake either (drum brake on the rear).

    But I'll definitely appreciate my bike when I get it back. In some ways, since it was so sick when I dropped it off, it'll be almost as good as having a new bike.

    This thread is for stories of things that made you appreciate your bike...
  2. For similar reasons I like chucking a leg over the ZZR250.
  3. I miss my GT550! :cry: One of the lesser reasons I loved it was precisely what you described, though I'd add that the power was completely adequate, including for two-up highway touring, a task in which it excells!

    Most bikes I've ridden aren't as interesting to me as my SR500. Everything (minus a Royal Enfield) is mega-smooth by comparison, so that when I get back on the SR it feels so chuggy and interesting that I'm smiling or laughing or just feeling like I've been transported back to some earlier time... It's power is adequate but fun like the GT (though much less adequate than the GT on the highway)
  4. Having two bikes, a commuter and a weekend bike.

    So whenever I get on my weekend bike, its not a boring commute, it'll likely be; great weather, going to meet up with friends, going to a good road, etc. So basically it keeps it special as I never have to use the blade for anything boring :)
  5. pedalling :LOL:
  6. But it does go both ways a little.
    Maybe it is just the feeling you get when you step up to a better bike and then come back to a 250, but, everything has its pros and cons.
    2 of the three 600s I have swung a leg over I could happily (O.K. I’d by F#$king ecstatic) have as my upgrade. But both of them were just that little bit more ponderous than the ZZR, and you couldn’t “abuse†the throttle the same way (And keep your license).
    Now there is no way in Hell the ZZR, compares to a brand spanking New 600RR, or even an 03 R6, but there is some fun to be had when the bike ways 4/5 of F#$k all and can be flicked about that easily.
    So Sometimes the appreciation is not just about better Vs Worse, but the attributes that one bike has and how to have a good time with them
  7. Most definately, the SV because its tame in comparison.. can full the thing without needing a change of undie. + Its less intimidating so I don't mind a few wheelies ;)
  8. If you ever want to appreciate your own bike, stick a new chain, sprockets and a set of good tyres on it.
  9. +1 Just done the chain and sprockets on the Bandit, plus an oil change and new fork oil, and it feels fan-fackin-tastic!

    Mind you, the letter I got yesterday telling me that I have 2 points left on my license had me seriously thinking that I need to downgrade to something small that makes slow feel fast, rather than vice versa. ;)
  10. The ol GT550, what a beast, couriers used to lovem, great bikes, that and the GT750, couldnt killem with an ax :nail:

    I would learn to reappreciate my admiration of my Yamaha FJ1200 when I gave it a carby balance and shim valves. It always seemed to really appreciate the attention If I gave it to her and hummed like a top after that and would give me great joy to take her for those first few hoons after some TLC. :grin:
  11. 2 points left?

    Wow, you're almost in cruiser country there. Most fun you can have under the speed limit is the VTR250 I reckon. Laugh a minute.
  12. A CZ 350 stroker, over a 3500m mountain pass. With no proper gear. In a hailstorm. You'd appreciate a f%#&n' tricycle after that.
  13. Too right!

    In Victoria I was doing about 1000km a week on the VTR250; used to love how my (excellent) Geelong mechanic gave me a 'brand new'-feeling VTR250 every 12 weeks, on the major services! :LOL:

    Superdense sydney traffic + parking hassles make me appreciate motorcycles. To be honest, I mostly get "other cars/vehicles make me appreciate the MR2 (sportscar)" thing more. After a while you get used to how they handle and lose interest, but one day in a rental Commodore, Avalon or Falcon lets you realise just how much fookin' fun a mid-engine car with good suspension and no powersteering is. :LOL:

    I also agree that performance does not directly equal "fun". There are lots of high-performance vehicles that just aren't entertaining to drive.
  14. Sounds a bit extreme, I know...but when I weely weely weeeely appreciate my bike the most, is when I've just tipped into a corner at an already very aggresive lean angle, realized that it's tightening up a little, and I have to push it over juuuuust that little bit more and trust the bike, and I come out the other side panting. whew!
  15. cost to fill mine up is always good..and the amount of free parking you can create.
  16. Having one.
  17. How light it is, how much fun it gives me even for a 250, and the sound it makes (even for a 250)
  18. You too ? :shock:

    :LOL: I wish mate .. :wink:
    I always appreciate mine right after it's regular service and spit'n'polish :)
    Damn .. I love my bike :p
  19. As a man experienced in the ways of the CZ (and Jawa), you have my sympathies.

    Mind you, my CZ250 Sport ( :rofl: ) felt like a turbine powered missile on rails after my old C90 Step-Thru so it's all relative :cool: .