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Appology to the D.U.M.B

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User7, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. This was a article written in a amorilla news paper by larry supina

    An apology is in order, so, please, forgive me. It was not until this morning on my ride to work that I fully understood I was in error.

    Yes, I've noticed that there are many very busy and important people on the roads. You all are hard to miss with the cell phones, laptops, breakfast bars, coffee, cigarettes and all, but until now, I didn't realize I was causing so much trouble for you busy, multitasking drivers.

    I figured it out this morning, thanks to the nice lady working on the laptop who needed the lane I was in.

    First, ma'am, let me say that when I honked at you from the shoulder, I didn't mean to startle you. My intent was just to give you a little beep to let you know the lane was all yours. But I was braking so hard, I couldn't lift my thumb off the horn button. My bad.

    I surely didn't mean to cause you to nearly hit the guy talking on the cell phone. You know, he was smoking and talking as he moved his SUV right into the space you had just left.

    Anyway, the good news is, that's when I realized all of you multitasking drivers must be texting each other about intended lane changes and running traffic lights and stop signs and such. I'm sorry - I'm still using old-fashioned blinkers. I didn't realize you needed some time to e-notify that guy that you needed the lane back. I really messed it up for both of you!

    I can only say that the guard rail was a little distracting, and I was only thinking about myself. I'll try harder next time.

    Like I said, I didn't know that was how you multitasking drivers were communicating. It must have been in an e-mail, but my laptop fell off my tank and I haven't replaced it.

    However, I have a solution.

    I know many of you are so busy and important that you have no choice - you have to eat, work, talk, read and do lots of other really important things as you drive.

    Those of us who use the road only for traveling would be happy to stay out of your way; we just need to know you're coming.

    A little visual clue would help - I was thinking of a bumper sticker. That way, everyone could identify you as Drivers Utilizing Multiple Behaviors.

    Of course, that's a little long, so we'd cut it down to an acronym - DUMB.

    If you'd place stickers on the front, back and maybe the sides of your car, the rest of us would know not to interfere with you on the road.

    I think it's such a good idea, I'll pay for the bumper stickers and even put them on for you. Deal?

    Again, I'm sorry I got in your way. I'll try harder to see you coming from now on.

    I promise!
  2. Could you at least, please, make some effort to hide the fact that this sort of stuff is lifted straight off US web-sites and has zero originality???
  3. Everyone says "huh?".

    So he should plagiarise it rather than give credit to the author?
  4. Jeez, grumpy today aren't we. Didn't you notice that he correctly attributed it? Since when has properly attributed quoting been a problem?

  5. :WStupid:
  6. I posted the authors name as if anyone wanted to google it and read the original they could.
    Also I didnt write it so I wont take credit for it .
  7. Or you could put it in the jokes column with everyone elses lifted material :p
  8. Loved it.
    It would work well with an RSS feed to a heads up unit.
    msg from <FPQ-378> 'Need Ambo???'
    msg from <FPQ-378> 'Now???'

    :LOL: Scheff
  9. Nah you did the right thing, there's just no pleasing some people. :roll:
  10. +1

    I read Paul's post and was like, "WTF?"

    Seriously, Paul, WTF is wrong with the way in which it was posted???
  11. He's just a knobber :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    This thread was even funnier the 2nd time I looked at it. Some people. :roll:
  12. ok, just for fun really i'm going to put a cat among the pigeons and admit to multitasking in a car. it's the one advantage of a car over a bike so i use it when i'm in it. specifically: i often make phonecalls - albeit always with an earpiece; i sometimes read at traffic lights if i'm on my way and preparing for a meeting last minute; and if i have a list of 'things to do' accumulating in my mind for when i get back to the office, i'll reach over to the notebook in my handbag and at the lights write down some notes, or call my answering machine to leave a reminder message for myself.

    does that mean i think i'm important? absolutely not - i'm a bunch of atoms blinking in and out of existance with zero importance to you or the rest of the world, and everyone would live perfectly happily without me on the planet and not even notice i wasn't here. it just means sometimes i have too much to do in 24 hours and i'm doing the best i can to get through it all within whatever deadlines i have. just because i'm sometimes busy and stressed and unhappy doesn't mean i think i'm important and am somehow arrogant about it. and certainly that state of busy-ness, stressedness and tiredness is a permanent state of being for many particularly working mums so don't take it personally. they're not out to get you. they're in a permanent semi-daze of not-copingness. heaven knows i've been there without children, just with work and study, so i dread to think what i would be like with.

    secondly, does my multi-tasking mean i'm not a careful driver? well other than the fact that i have a slight propensity for speeding and have accumulated 10 demerit points between the bike and car, i don't think so. i'm particularly bike conscious when i'm in a car, always with half an eye on my mirrors and moving over to let bikes lane-split more easily, and am generally a pretty aware driver with a good track record over 20 years of driving.

    so, while i suspect the tosser being described in the article is rather less aware and self-absorbed, i will defend the fact that driving and some degree of multi-tasking can be done safely. :popcorn:
  13. There's nothing wrong with doing at the lights, at worse you're just going to hold up the people behind you for a couple of seconds if they turn green before you're done. But doing that stuff whilst moving, you could be the most careful driver ever and you're still one of the most dangerous people on the road.
  14. My darling Carri
    yes it does, why is it so you ask well I will try to explain.

    scenario : you are driving down Victoria St richmond , very busy, no multitasking you see a car pull out and stops in front of you .

    answer 1 : you flip your eyes up at the mirror and see a bike beside you, back to the car , no traffic on the other side of the road and around taking a wide birth and you and the rider live.

    answer 2 : while multi tasking , lets say SMS / Texting while driving you look down to type C U M8 and hit send .
    That took you 3 seconds, in thoise 3 seconds you now dont have time to look in the mirror , and you are 11 ft from the car , you drop the phone , another 2 seconds and youryour skiding and dont realalise about the rider you killed next to you .
    and 1 second later bang you hit the car at 40 kph .

    on top of that , first scenarion , no one injured car damaged at worst and insurance claim if you were too hit .

    second one , cupable driving , 80% chance of prison time.

    next time you see me feel free to multi task , give me a cuddle and a slapp :grin:
  15. Glenn!

    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!
  16. When I was studying Business Management one of my lecturers had a great saying, "There is no such thing as being too busy, there is just poor time management skills." In other words, if your too busy then your not using the time you have effectively, and your probably taking on more work than you can safely handle.
    While some people would use this as an excuse to multi task in the car and "making use of that time," I would say that if your multitasking in the car then you time management for the rest of the day is pretty fscking piss-poor. If you try to do two things at once, your gonna screw one of them up. If you screw up with your driving, there is a good chance your stupid arrogance is gonna hurt or kill someone. If u have to write something down, take a call, eat some food, do your makeup, talk to your kid, or anything other than drive, pull the fsck over!!

    This rant was brought to your by the I Wanna Stay Alive foundation
  17. ah, now therein lies the difference. i talk on an earpiece and do stuff at traffic lights. i don't text while moving. so there's safe multi-tasking and non-safe multi-tasking.

    it would be my great pleasure :wink:

    sounds like a man who had a wife to cook, clean, raise the kids, pay the bills, organise the house maintenance, make the social arrangements and buy the christmas presents for his family over and above working the same hours he did. either that or he had no family and only had his own small life to worry about.
  18. LMAO! :LOL:
  19. this thread needs pictures: