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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Mr Flibble, May 6, 2010.

  1. I went to school with a guy named mitchell peacock, when he and his gf had a baby they named him drew. didn't realize til it was immortalized in the local paper's new births section
  2. I know a guy called Thomas Morrow... but he prefers being called Tom... Tom Morrow... literally, on his birth certificate and all. Cops/banks/clubs/anything else req. ID always think he's being a cheeky arse lol
  3. Hmmm, I went to school with

    Ophelia Dicky
  4. no you didn't
  5. Well, there was a John Thomas at my school.

    ohh nursey!
  6. Anita Ho

    Susan (Sue) Ridge

    Michael Hunt

    There's heaps of em.
  7. I once had a meeting with Mr Harsh Overseer (now working for Telstra)

    I still have his business card.
  8. I work with people of many walks of life, and therefore cultures/nationalities.

    One such person (a lovely asian ~Thai~ girl) is called 'Wannaporn'...at first, I wasn't sure if I should errupt in tears of laughter or get aroused...I guess being at work the latter wouldn't be appropriate :)

    I have worked with other females with names : Pinky, Bam Bam (don't go there, she's a 'well-padded' older woman), Can Can (I call her "Cannot", something Chinese say regularly when they either don't know something or simply don't want to help you), Princess..and just about every flower name you can think of...Iris, Flora, Rose....

    From the guys' point of view : Maverick (!!!), Elvis ! etc (which now reminds me of some awesome Aborginal male/female names I had to contend with during my 6yrs all over the Northern Territory, but that's another story ! (Okay, okay...one brudda was called Arthur Pumpjack) :)

    In high school, we had a female called Pepi Cox, and yes...she did enjoy sucking the proverbial....
  9. not sure if it's still there, but there used to be a used car yard on brisbane's southside, owned and run by a guy named mike hunt. had a full page spread *cough* in the qld trading post every week "mike hunt's used cars"

  10. Hahaha, one of my primary school headmasters was called Mike Hunt :)
  11. Phil McCracken was a good one as well as Luke Likesheet and Phil Likesheet
  12. My wife went to school with a Finnish girl called Inta Coors.
  13. And I almost forgot about a TAFE student I came across called Eric Chun.
  14. I knew an Edward Zachery! He wasn't always right.