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Applying rim strips

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mr_messy, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. For future reference I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to apply motorcycle rim strips without it going all wonky.

    I just got myself a set and applied it and looks totally crap up close.
    I might buy another set take current ones off and give it another go.

    The only good thing I can say is I got black reflective strips on my black rims so its not totally noticeable lol
  2. Did they come as a whole single stripe ? Mine came in 4 pieces. So i just cleaned the wheel then bluetacked all 4 pieces on. I then took 1 off at a time and stuck it down so i got the gaps perfect. Made sure i was a few mm from the edge all the way round. It came out pretty good.
  3. The four pre-curved strips are far easier than the roll. Just have to take you time, and use the rolled edge of the rim as a guide to run the side of your thumb along as you stick it down.
  4. I did it by cleaning the rims and ensuring they are fully dry. Then grab some soapy water solution (1:10), and as you peel off the backing from the stickers (mine were the 1/4 strips), spray them with the solution, as well as spraying the rim. Then place the first end of the strip on the rim, and with your index finger or thumb, guide the sticker along the length of the rim. It helps too to have a little bit of nail on one of your other fingers because if you wedge the nail between the sticker and the top edge of the rim as you're applying, it stays the same width out from the edge at all times.
    Hope that helps (if it makes sense!!)
  5. Never applied them.

    But the ones that looked the easiest to apply to me, included a single roll of tape, and a dispenser. You set the distance and the dispensor/apllicator thingy is guided around the edge of the rim and the tape is therefore applied evenly.

    (unless I just dreamt it up, in which case IT"S MY PATENT you bastards!)
  6. For future reference, remember that it takes 10 hours to get em off :p
  7. I had NO trouble what so ever applying my Rim strips to SID ,

    I got Bruce to do it :angel: hehe

    these where the 4 piece ones ... have no idea exactly how long it took him to put them on .. I went shopping .. and when I got home they rims where done .. magic :)

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  8. Will let you know soon as the buggers land... $10.50 AU landed... :grin: Also sends a few spares for practicing / mess up allowance.

    I plan to remove the wheels so I don't have to work around swing arms forks and brakes etc...

    The ebay guy I brought mine off had instructions saying something about soapy water also... I'll see if I can find it and post it up.

    Edit: I think this is the eBay link. Work is blocking ebay US so I can't check it here.
  9. Search youtube, plenty of howto videos
  10. People reckon that the applicator that comes with them is rubbish.

    Some dude made his own here (clickorama).
  11. Soapy method worked for applying these on my car, so comparatively, rim stripes were easy as!

  12. I figured I'd need nails. I cut mine as far back as I can so I don't have to keep cutting them too soon afterwards. haha

    mine came in 1/4s

    10hrs to take off??? Fark... Knowing me, I'll probably just go over with the same kinda tape ahaha bludge
  13. I bought the roll one and it came with the applicator which was very easy and simple to apply.
  14. Hey all, thought i'd tap out a review on the rim stickers I purchased and linked above. Unknowing to me they came in "sixth's" ie I need stickers to do one side, total 24 for the bike, and received 27 in the purchase.

    I brought chrome blue, which means the six joins are more noticable, as well as any dust that gets in the way during application. At a distance these aren't noticable but close up they can be seen. I suspect non-chrome wouldn't have this issue as much. Also other brands that only have four or one joins would be better in this respect.

    The lenghts clearly weren't cut the same as I used a 5mm overlap on the first side done and had a 15mm overlap on the final join. On the otherside of that wheel I used the same method and the final join fell 7-8mm short!!! Fail!! I used one of the spares to cut a small lenght and fill the gap.

    Applying was ok, I removed the rear wheel because I could, but I don't have a front stand so I did the front on the bike, half a side before rolling the bike forward. Trying to keep them straight was hard. The width of my stickers were 7mm however the space on the rim is closer to 13mm. While your desired size can be ordered from that eBay link, I wanted a finer line. However I suspect a thinker line would be easier to keep straight as you have two edges to guide off. I effectively didn't have an edge to guide off as I wanted the stickers slightly on the lip of the rim rather then the inside edge. However at a distance the non-straightness isn't noticable.

    I've only got an iPhone photo as my home computer is out of action hence not been able to use my normal camera. In saying that I've also tapped this post out with the iPhone and realised i need to link the photo later.

  15. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=10815575&l=d1674de0b6&id=850545446

  16. You can make out the wonkiness of the strips if you look close enough.
    I'm glad that I got reflective black tape though. Otherwise its all black.

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  17. I got some reflective ones from ebay. I cleaned with kero and dried, then just carefuly stuck them down by progressivly peeling off the backing (rather than taking it all off). I've had them for about 4months now and the only comment I have is BE CAREFUL WITH CHAIN LOCKS! I use a massive 8kg chain that has progressivly cracked the stickers even though it has a fabric cover and ive been careful. I think the thinner the better as it reduced the chance of catching on things. My front wheel still looks nice though :)
  18. That your car in the background too?

    My reflective gold rim strips lasted a few months before they started peeling, only slowly at the end of each 1/4 section at first, but by the time I sold it I'd lost a chunk on the back wheel:
  19. Darkhorse where did you get your rear cowl?