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Applied rim tape. looks good?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by hyo_duc, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Ok guys so it is done. Please give me some leeway into the perfection of the job, as it was my first try.
    Basically i chose red for certain reasons. i beleive the point of rim tape is to complement the body colour against the wheels and in doing so you dont want a too radical colour. dont get me wrong white or green or so looks great, but as there is sooo little white and no other colours on my bike, it wouldnt look suitable. The rims are black, so are the tires, so why not red? basically where the tape sits on the rim, the black around it (on its outside) complement it and the body around so it stand out.
    thats the main reason for me choosing red.
    As a bonus, its reflective at night ao its stand out like all buggery and doesnt look homo like neons or such. Plus there is a huge safety benefit to it too.

    This pic is the tapes colour without light shining on it. Has a nice dark red to match the body.
    Closeup of rear tire. lining up the end was hard as you can see a slight bump close to gorund.
    Just another shot showing how sexc a hyosung is :p
    And using the flash to demonstrate the colour at night. Does look a bit more bright than this though and not so orange.

    Despite some slightly out lines in the tape, whilst the rim is spinning it looks perfectly circular. So it doesnt bother me too much.

    So what do you guys think?

  2. I think it suits the bike, nice job

    How did you get the tape to go around a circle without it bunching up on you
  3. thanx mate, well check my garage image for the tape ( https://netrider.net.au/forums/garage.php?mode=view_gallery_item&image_id=4158 ), but basically it came with an applicator so i was able to apply in a nice smooth manner, but in regards to bunching up just cutting more at the end than needed and slightly by a mill overlapping. does that help or were you refering to something else for bunching up?
  4. was thinking bout when your laying the tape down - as long as you go in a straight line it goes down flat, but when you go around a curve I thought the inside edge would start to 'bunch up' because it has less distance to travel, while the outside edge gets stretched.

    Had a think now and maybe it works cause the stripe is not all that wide to cause a drama, and now with that applicator you can just squish it down anyway.

    either way looks good on the rims, have you thought of putting on the spokes or will that ruin it

  5. rim tape is curved isn't it?
  6. well if it is that explains it thanks
  7. It didnt say on the packaging if it was curved, and i didnt notice if it was curved whilst applying it. In saying that, i did get a couple of lips but if you just push firmly whilst applying and take it slow they dont appear. You can notice my rear wheel is much better than front as i did it last

  8. I have some on my bike now, and they come with 16 precurved stickers, 4 for each side of the wheel. You can hardly see the overlap.
  9. Ooops, multi post. Feel free to delete, Mods.
  10. Depends on the brand - some comes in pre-curved strips, some in a roll (straight).

    Mine was pre-curved:

    Love it, looks gold in normal light, bright yellow under street lights, headlights or camera flash. I didn't get it perfect either, but close enough that you can't tell.

    Not a bad look on the Hyo either - you're right, always go with the body colour, or the lightest body colour in my case! The Zook scheme is busy enough as it is, more colour would be far too gelati!
  11. +1 for red!

    I just did my CBR600 black wheels as well in Red and as long as you're more than half a metre away they look great. Just don't look really close!! :p

    I bought a set of pre-cut curved vinyl ones off eBay. They come in a pack of 18 (4 per wheel + 2 spares). I think they were like $15.
  12. Correction: $19.99 + postage... look for ratedrparts, i would recommend.
  13. yeah mine was a long 7 or 6 meter strip. i dont want to put it on the spoked caus ei beleive it would be too much. it would look ok, but dont want it to get too busy down there, plus when it spins it wont be very effective... or maybe on the contrary really eye-catching.like flashing led's???
  14. Looks good buddy. I like the rim tape look. Mine came curved. It was easy to put on and has been there about a year now