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VIC Application for addition to LAMS list?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Dirk Gently, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey folks just wondering how hard it is to add a bike to the VIC LAMS list? (my research suggests a written application with specific details of the bike is required) Im more interested in how frequently additions are accepted?

    I fell in love with a 1979 Suzuki GS425 and bought it without checking if it was a LAMS bike (the 400, 450 and 500 are so I assumed the 425 was) so now I have an expensive forbidden love being couriered to me so if anyone could advise me as to my chances of adding the GS425 to the LAMS list and strategies used by people who might have succeeded in the past that would be great.
  2. my understanding is if a bike is under the kw per tonne limit it is lams legal. and as such if you can prove this they should put lams on the rego
  3. Im not sure spenaroo, I hope that's the case.. Would save me a headache.
  4. my mistake, bike must be on lams list however,
    (from vicroads)

    15. How can I get my motorcycle model added to the approved list?
    The LAMS list is a comprehensive list. It provides learner and novice riders with an
    ample range of motorcycles to choose from. As new models of motorcycles are released
    onto the market by manufacturers, the list will be updated with new models that are
    suitable for learners. As the list is substantial, additional motorcycles will generally not
    be considered for inclusion on the list.
    If you believe a specific model of motorcycle should be on the list, and it meets the
    primary criteria of being under 660cc and less than 150kw/tonne, you will need to
    complete a formal application including a number of details and specifications about the
    Before you submit an application please double check the LAMS list to see whether the
    motorcycle is included.
    VicRoads retains the right to approve or not approve any motorcycle under
    consideration for LAMS.
    Written applications must include the following information:
    • Make
    • Model
    • Year of manufacture
    • Engine number
    • Vehicle Identification Number or Chassis Number/Frame Number
    • Cubic Capacity
    • Tare weight (plus the source of the information provided)
    • Power at the crankshaft (plus the source of the information provided) and
    • Justification of why it should be Learner Approved.
    Applications should be submitted to:
    Manager Vehicle Safety
    Road Safety & Network Access
    60 Denmark Street
    KEW VIC 3101
  5. think the GS425 might be a little too powerful, but if you really want to ride it, might be worth having it dyno'd at the crank and if it's at or under the limit, mail your application form along with the dyno chart print out to the blokes at Kew. wait a couple of weeks for a response, see what happens
  6. Thank you all, but i know the basic procedure of applying for the addition to LAMS, I am interested in learning how frequently VIC Roads accept additions. It sounds like the bureaucrats want to save ink and so may not care about reason or rationality. Has anyone had any success in adding a bike to the LAMS list?

    It is the "Justification of why it should be Learner Approved" that worries me, I can get the power at the crankshaft and weight of the bike if needs be but if at the end of the day they just don't want to have another bike on the list I think it would be more viable for me to store her till im free from LAMS or *shudder* sell her on.
  7. The GS425 and GS425E seem to have been overlooked (probably because it's pretty uncommon here). I did a lot of the work on the LAMS list and reviewed the figures on a lot of the older bikes for Vic Roads - the GS425 was not mentioned anywhere.

    The 425 comes out to about 113kw/tonne so it's well under.

    When you submit your application include any original material like advertisments or magazine road tests. Google is your friend here.


    They do refresh the list a few times a year (I don't know exactly how often). There's some bureaucratic inertia involved but I do know that they they will re-examine the list.

    Dyno figures are not necessarily evidence as it's the model that's added - not your individual bike. It would support your claim but on its own it's not sufficent.
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  8. Thank you TonyE

    Yeah i guess if they wanted a limited list of learner approved bikes they would have to ignore rare bikes.. ill try and have it added :)

    By the way do you know why they decided to use a list rather then just a power-to-weight ratio with a cap of 650cc? seems like it would have cost them less to simply add "L" or something onto a rego sticker on bikes that are within the range rather then compile a list. (im sure there are huge conversations here archived but while your here it would be interesting to hear it from someone who was involved)
    Thank you again for your comment.
  9. The figure is 150kW/tonne with a 90kg fuel + rider allowance in the calculation.

    It works out as LAMS original 40HP = 29.4kW
    172 Kg Dry weight + 90 Kg Rider allowance = 262kg

  10. The rego sticker is actually marked "lams" - the list is because it actually lets people know whether a bike is approved. Working out those within the range - especially for older bikes - really needs to be done on an individual basis for each model by someone who is reasonably aware of differences. For this reason a few of us on the then VMAC with a little knowledge were asked to review some of the decisions.

    As an example, in the list I got for review all RD350 Yamahas were cited as not being approved. But that really should only apply to the later LC models (163 kw/tonne). The air-cooled RD350 and 400's that preceded them come in at around 130. Others were some of the 650 adventure tourers like the Honda XR650R which sit between 149 and 151 depending on the year (there's slight official weight differences). Some common sense was used and they were all approved - not the Honda XR650L though which comes in at 189 kw/tonne.
  11. Hmm, all my rego stickers have been labeled LAM. I'm surprised that the L variant is actually more powerful, I figured they were detuned for more long distance reliability.
  12. He might have it wrong way round. The L was the slow reliable one whereas the R was the fast one.
  13. I thought so.
  14. For what it's worth, I think that if your request is reasonable, you will be approved.

    For example, on my P's test, a bloke had an 80's honda Nighthawk 400 - grey import. No lams on the label. The tester looked at it, somewhat surprised about there being no LAMS marking, and said, "well... it SHOULD be lams" and let it slide.

    Further, my own ride is not on the LAMS list, but has lams on the label. If there is a will, there is a way. Don't give up. don't let the po-po win! (i am aware that is not the po-po's decision but i just wanted to say po-po).
  15. Thank you very much TonyE, that makes sense.
    Ill get onto the application :)