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Apple's Safari

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. I just installed this browser and replied to a post.

    I then hit the back button and the silly thing warns you that it is about to resend the form on the previous page.

    So I tried it and it did.

    So technically, unless there is a way that you can turn that feature off, you are stuck replying to one page over and over again and not actually being able to go "back" once you have made a post :?

    Any of you MAC malakas know about this issue?
  2. Ok testing your theory
  3. nope i'm not sure what you are doing i didn't get that when i posted these replies.

    (personally I prefer firefox)

    Are you using the windows version?
    It could be a windows issue rather than the browser.
  4. I run Mac and I run Safari constantly, never had that problem before, Maybe it's a Safari for Windows thing?

    Damn happy I have nothing to do with Windows crap anymore :grin:
  5. Testing reply with Safari 3.0 on OS x 10.4.9


    Nope... can't duplicate that problem.
  6. I've seen that before. If you think about it, you are in fact going back to the "submit post" page, and it's being very exact about it.

    I deal with it a couple of ways. Either click on a link back to the forum you want(which will re-load the page anew), or hit back twice quickly.
  7. Im doing exactly as I said.

    And the thing posts everything twice
  8. Interesting, I didn't realise there was a Windows version out. Installed it yesterday to try it out after seeing this thread, and bah, complete garbage. None of the top menus are showing up, the start page won't load properly, none of the labeling on the buttons has loaded. I know its a beta, but good god, this is half arsed crap. :roll:
  9. Buy a Mac.
    Safari is Crap anyway.
    If your on a mac....Camino or Firefox.
    If your on windows......buy a mac. They run windows better than Pc's do now.
    No virus and spy crap.


    *flame suit on*

    Go Go Go ! ! ! !
  10. With the DRM stuff Apple and Microsoft are putting into their OS's, both are virii. Linux is far superior than both! Apple is now just a fancy looking Linux, and Windows is a wanna-be Linux.

    Sorta like Bikes. Honda is far superior, Ducati is a fancy looking Honda, and Suzuki is a Honda wanna-be :LOL:
  11. So whats the point?

    Id love a mac to do my video and photography stuff.

    If you'd like to buy me one for my birthday, I'll buy you a drink ;)
  12. Apple is actually a wanna-be BSD, but with the next version to be released it will be a real _compliant_ BSD.

    Linux has always been wanna be Unix, and BSD already is Unix.

    As for Windows (and Hondas!)... well, the less said the better :p