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Apple Store Syd . . . OMFG !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. WTF???
    It’s a F#$king religion.
    It has nothing to do with good or bad, it is just hyped up beyond any sanity…
    Then again Morons wait at midnight to get there new copy of M$ latest offering every time a new OS comes out.
  2. IT is such a good industry! Apple are the new Dunkn Doughnuts! :LOL:
  3. Can't say I see the attraction in queuing up to see the Apple store personally.

    But it just serves to show how times have changed. My ex-wife worked for Apple - in their Melbourne office - back in the pre-iPod days in the mid 90's. Struggling for business, relying on the educational sales to make any money at all. Back then I was wondering how much longer they could possibly remain operating.

    But even then, it was a great place to work - they looked after their employees, and the xmas parties were awesome :grin:

    Amazing to see how things can turn around with some well designed devices and slick marketing.
  4. I've been in the San Francisco and New York stores, and yeah, super cool. New York was the best but mostly because it was in New York.

    It's definitely a bit different than the dodgy little PC store round the corner...
  5. Mate was in NY recently. He was wandering around town, somewhere near Central Park. He saw a queue and thought he'd line up. He wasn't sure what it was for, but being NY there must've been something worthwhile at the end of it.

    It went down stairs to a store. turns out to be an Apple one. He was taken aback by it all. there wasn't that much stock per se, but the way that it was set up was something to gawk at, alright.

    The guy's not a geek, has a mobile phone that is used for exactly that - mobile telephone stuff. He could not get over why people get so enraptured in technology. And that is what these people were doing, he said. It was like they died and went to techno-heaven or something.

    Each to his own, I guess. Me, I prefer products that are not tied to a proprietory system. Like, a basic MP3 player that's recognised as a removable drive on the computer, or an MP4 player for that matter, or a phone that uses open source software, not dear as poison apps that Windows Mobile requires. That sort of thing.
  6. Funny that a church opens for business on a Thursday :?
  7. Well, this is getting off topic, but the itunes.db does allow for some pretty neat functionality compared to a directory structure and there's nothing stopping you from using one of the open source apps to interact with it...

    Also, you need to drink more of the Steve Jobs CoolAid. It's great, we're all meeting for a mass suicide later this century...
  8. An ipod does what you've just asked for... I don't think there is an actual production open source phone, Android is in beta like all google software and may be great... or not.

    Apple is a little of a religion for some people, but since the introduction of OSX it's attracted a lot of different users that don't just accept whatever Jobs says. I bought a mac because It was a good price and I had no need to run windows... Trouble is I haven't actually got around to installing linux on it yet. :grin:
  9. I read in an article that four people at the front of the que lined up for 30 hours....

    And got a tshirt.


  10. And Apple, just like religion, is pointless and evil (no offence there Paul ;) )...

    Apple = Hippy Arts Students = Evil... :LOL:

    Dont people know you can download the OSX and install a pirate version of that on your PC now?

    Its JUST a fancy version of Li/Unix... thats it... no special doodahs or whatsits...

    And trust me, get on some Mac forums (insanelymac comes to mind) ... It DOESN'T "just work"... and a simple test, install you Tiger 10.4.8 and try upgrade to 10.4.11 through the automatic updates (something windows does better ;) ) and you wont be able to boot your system anymore... :roll:
    And software isn't free either...

    Explain to me how this is any better than windows? :p
  11. Mine upgraded to 10.4.11 fine, the only problem I've ever had with the automatic updates is the ridiculous amount of time it takes to reboot for the first time after one.

    Although its BSD based I'm not sure it's a UNIX (TM), and as it's not based on the Finnish guys kernel it's definitely not Linux. The major difference between OSX and BSD is the many "special doodahs or whatsits.."

    I general it's UNIX done nicely, and as such a major increase in user base now is Sys Admins wanting a "Nice" Unix to use for a change.

    Have you ever tried the PC OSX hacks, occasionally you get one that works and if you choose your peripherals carefully you can actually use them, but I don't know of you that has upgraded properly so it's a slash and burn upgrade cycle. They are good fun to play with but thats about it.

    The main thing I find better than windows is that it's not windows, it's not linux either but I find it currently nicer to use than either.

    eDIT I'll take back the UNIX TM question apparently Leopard at least is...
  12. Yep, the guts of all the OS X releases is based on Unix. The special 'doodahs or whatsits' are provided by Nextstep which was purchased by Apple in '97. Nextstep is essentially the framework for building the OS X user interface and no other Linux/Unix variant has that.

    Most of the time it does 'just work' but then so does Windows. It does look slick and they have funny ads, so maybe that's what they do better than Windows...?
  13. maybe is is, but it doesn't translate into sales; Apple's clever bundling of iPod sales in with computer sales masks their miniscule world-wide computer base.

    Their only claim to fame ever was their 'intuitive user interface'; anyone who uses XP and Leopard on a daily basis knows full well that much of what you have to do in either is anyting but intutitive, and OS-X's big features are glitzy, but don't really mean much in productivity.

    And let's not even start on the contemptuous way Apple has treated (and still do treat) their trusted re-sellers and commercial agents.....
  14. Doesn't "BSD" stand for Blue Screen of Death?
  15. BSOD = Blue screen of death

    BSD is just another unix distro... very secure one so i've heard...
  16. Whoosh....

  17. My sister was telling me about the big queue she saw for this place, from her office building opposite.

    Apparently all the staff were dancing down the line high-fiving people like they were celebrities or something.

    "Hello, you work for a glorified Tandy. STFU."
  18. i ride past this store on the way home everyday.

    i look inside and see all these people, then think 'what fkn idiots'... :D
  19. Been talked out of it yet, Micky?