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Apple release version 3.0.1 for the iPhone

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Due to a vulnerability in the way the iPhone, Android phones & MW6 handle SMS messages, Apple have issued a newer version of the iPhone software that corrects this issue.

    Google have already issued a firmware update.

    Microsloth are looking into it.

    For those with the iPhone, plug your phone into itunes and do a "check for update" (mine did not come up automatically)

    It also adds a notifications option on the settings screen that can be used for certain programs
  2. What was happening with the sms's?
  3. they could hack into your iPhone using sms, what do hackers get out of this i have no idea
  4. The most obvious thing would be to get all of the contacts off a targets phone.
    So for instance if you managed to get a celebrities friends mobile number, pwn their phone with this and get that celebrities number.
    Or all of somebodies text messages.
    Or perhaps send a message from someones phone so it looks like it was from them.

    It all depends on what is meant by "hack".
    Perhaps this is nothing more than a way to crash the phone, causing annoyance to the target but nothing more.
  5. *yawn*

    Apple...pfft. I'll stick with my Omnia.

  6. Good thing LG cater for people like you ey?? :rofl: :p
  7. You said that microsoft is looking into it, so is it an issue for WM OS as well or only for Apple?

    Side Q's to RC36. My Omnia' alignment is all out and it wont let me align the screen. I'm thinking the only solution is to Hard Reset. Just want to know if you had/have any similiar issues? plus you may like the following app.


    P.s. Vic, the omnia is made by Samsung.
  8. Samsung, LG, all made by the same peanut eating monkeys........

    wait....so is the iPhone :facepalm: :facepalm:

    Ummm, nah, the OS is safe, apparently its the way SMS messaging was built in the early days.