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Apple Inc. targets A.pl

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by коннор, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. A.pl is a Polish (hence the .pl domain name) online retailer of food and other household supplies. Apple Inc. is a multination technology company based in the USA, particularly known for its mobile phones and tablet computers.

    Read all about it.

  2. Apple is evil...................
  3. They also had a go at Woolworth's new logo when it was released...


    they're worse than evil, they're rucking fetards. Shame I like their products :(
  4. I'd understand if it was the same industry, but the fact that it's a grocer is freakin' ridonkulous!
  5. This is exactly the same sort of tactics other large companies like McDonalds uses. They already have the high-priced lawyers, so they use them to ruthlessly attack anything and everything they can to try and intimidate genuine competition.

    These days it's not about making a better product (or even something people actually need). It's all about seizing market share by making other companies too scared to compete - and trying to buy out the few who do (like the way Microsoft buys out small software developers).
  6. So the world's largest company sues the pants off everyone. Isn't this how microsoft became unpopular a while ago? There is only one way for Apple, and that is down.
  7. Apple died with steve jobs
    They wont be anybody in a few
    There playing catch up with there
    Phones and are second to samsung

    There pc s are run by intel
    And android is NO, 1

    Isheep will keep them going a little while

    Even the sheep will realise soon its actually
    Ok to have personal files and folders onyour phone
  8. Microsoft really only had one product though.
  9. personally, i rather like apple's business model: copy whatever looks good, then sue the clothing off anyone who copies them
    they did it when jobs was still alive, they continue after his demise.
    jobs was a disgusting human being. noone who didn't directly benefit from his mountains of money will actually miss him.
    cook is no better
  10. According to a Polish individual on another forum:

    "They filed a complaint to Polish Patent Office and it was deemed unfounded, so they took it to court. While Polish courts aren't exactly the most reliable, I don't believe they'll give in to Apple's ridiculous demands."

    At least two, actually: Microsoft Windows and MS Office. They're both significant money makers, and have been for a long time.

    Jobs was actually very keen on litigation, and probably preached/Jobwashed it to the high level management and the legal division.
  11. Apple has only three:

    * ipod that is an iPhone without sim, or ipad with small screen
    * iPhone that is ipad with small screen
    * ipad that is iPhone that can't fit into a pocket, and no real phone capability.

    They do also make Macs, but they gather such a small part of the market they are not really a significant part of their line up
  12. I add
    Samsung phones have
    Ecpandable memory - sd card
    And USB port.

    Iphone wont catch up but are falling behind
  13. For those of you who know your technology history you'd know very little of what Apple has done is due to the innovation from within Apple....

    Their entire GUI and OOP were taken from Palo Alto - Xerox PARC research in the late '70s early 80s.

    Even the concept of a "mouse" as an input device was taken from the same place, as was distributed networking "ether-net" - desktop environments and file-system representation etc.

    Personally I despise the Apple ethos.....even though my first foray into computing was on an Apple Mac IIe. Apple is not the friendly "white goods" maker they represent themselves as......they are relentless in their pursuit to lock down technology and dictate its' use....

    Just look at what they've done to the BSD underpinnings and you'll see......

    Open source really is the way of future innovation......Apple can continue to build "appliances" for the masses - I'm fine with that......if I had to buy a computer for my Mother it would be a Mac because it works.....but I stress the term "appliance" - in my opinion it is no longer a versatile computer....

    Just my 2c
  14. It's lucky for Apple other companies aren't so litigious
  15. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad were all really just refinements of extant technologies, too.

    A Brit called Kane Kramer designed a digital audio player in... *drumroll, dramatic pause, etc.*1979. The first mass produced one was made by a Korean company in 1998, three years before the iPod was released.

    A patent from 1973 covered many of the features now common to smartphones, and in 1992 IBM produced a prototype mobile phone which incorporated PDA features. Then there was the Nokia 9000 Communicator in 1996, and, rather late to the party, the iPhone came out back in 2007. "Ah, but the iPhone had a touchscreen!" I hear you say. But IBM has been making touchscreens since the '60s, and the Mitsubishi DiamondTouch -from 2001- even had multi-touch.

    There was a patent for an electronic tablet for handwriting filed in (and I'm sure there'll be some surprised looks here) 1888. There was a functional system demonstrated in 1956. Now, here's an example where Apple got into the game relatively early -they released the MessagePad in 1993- they were still beaten to the punch by a few years, as the GRiDPad was released in 1989... which was manufactured by Samsung for GRiD Systems Corporation :D.

    [/history lesson]
  16. Yes, but if you read the news properly it is because Woolies want to release Woolworths branded consumer electronics and computers with the new logo on them.


    Lots of people like to claim that all Apple does is reheat existing technology and sell it at an inflated price but, honestly, they provide a lot of innovation including major refinements of existing technology to make it more user friendly.

    They did not come back from the dead by leveraging their market dominance (hint: they had none) or by stealing designs or technology, they did it by selling things people want to buy, even if you are not one of those people.
  17. That is why I say they refined things... they took existing ideas, cleaned them up, made them more presentable, then marketed the hell out of them.

    What I typed up above was to point out how silly/ironic half the stuff they're doing is (I mean, Apple Corps surely has more of a case against them than they do against A.pl).

    Apple is pretty good at what it does, which is take things and getting them to Just Work, and it does deserve respect for and acknowledgement of that achievement, but it hasn't really invented a whole lot. Certainly not the things it is best known for, anyway.
  18. One thing that annoyed me was Jobs had way more money than he ever needed and so did the company but they hoard it and were renowned for it, where as gates gave and still gives away such a ridiculous amount of money and even has his own chariry to assist with it.

    To me id rather give my money to the money hungry corp that at least gives back to a cause. Gates is a true modest and generous person in my books
  19. Apple threads.

    A bit like filtering threads...

  20. Yeah, no-one nods these days. Sometimes you'll get someone waving at you, but it'll be with the wrong glove, or they're on a Hyo or Harley.