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Apparently our entire nation are alcoholics..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Just saw on the news then they the government has legislated that binge drinking constitutes 4 drinks or more a DAY! Ha ha ha, what a fkn joke.

  2. Not quite 'legislated', but "defined", yes.

    While I do lament the occurrence of further sinisterly useless dumbfu*ketry from our elected officials, it is an important distinction to make, in that: no, it is not illegal to buy 4 beers at one time.

    .. yet.

    This IS to distract us from the price of fuel and other consumables.
  3. with the way fuel keeps going up and added tax on booze no will be able to afford 4 drinks anyway. :?
  4. What, four drinks aren't enough to get the taste of a drink into you?

    Binge drinking, that is, drinking to excess, is a huge problem in Australia, especially since it's so ingrained into our culture.
  5. I hereby define other excesses based on the fact you've already got the taste, any more is binging:

    Thou shalt eat no more than one grape/pea/sultana in a sitting.
    Any more than one sausage is gluttony.
    Sex? More than once? No way, you got some last week.
    Double scoop ice cream cones... banned!
    etc etc

    If something is to be enjoyed, fair play to enjoy it over and over. Particularly when we're talking about something which is often imbibed for the effect rather than the drink itself. If that were unacceptable, we'd all be drinking non-alcoholic versions, no?
  6. I was in court on thursday and there was a guy done for drink driving. Interesting to see the police prosecutor put forward alcohol rehab for a bloke who drank three beers a day, three days a week. Got me worried a bit then!
  7. And that's four standard drinks mind you. As per this article for example, you have three glasses of wine in a day, each of which is on average 1.5 standard drinks, then apparently you've been binge drinking.

    FFS...this government is hell bent on making us the biggest nanny country in the world. How long before the prohibition hits us?
  8. Don't blame me, I didn't vote for them.
  9. Yeah, they said four standard drinks is binge drinking, and then started talking about how we shouldn't drink four drinks or more per day! They were totalling mixing up the concept of a problem (regular, large volume) drinker and binge drinking.

    We all know binge drinking is a big night out consuming lots of alcohol, not the volume you drink every day. Why doesn't the government and these so called experts who made the recommendations? Unbelieveable.

    Personally, I don't think anyone is binge drinking until they have had about 10 standard drinks for a bloke, and 6 for females, given their faster absorption of alcohol. It's about drinking so much that you are totally off your face.

    Besides of which, these nannies (which is only half of the experts by the way . . . the half hired by the government) don't seem to understand that if you remove alcohol from the young as a way to get high at low cost, they will just move of to something else, like glue, aerosols, petrol, or something entirely new. Not to mention speed, ice, etc.

    You don't think so? Take a look around the world, or at our own country, wherever boredom or excess time and some income exists.

    I do believe that we are seeing an upturn in binge drinking, and availability of certain drink types, including sweet drinks, is contributing, but it is really a social problem not a problem you can legislate for. I hope the government thinks about this a bit more, and comes up with a reasonable approach.
  10. But drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk, rather than simply enjoying the drink itself, is often a sign of an alcohol problem.

    4 drinks as a once-off thing could hardly be considered binge-drinking, but 4 drinks every single day I reckon would definitely have some negative long-term health effects.
  11. jd's sharing my view.

    4 drinks a day, and I'd be starting to worry about the person. Sure, I go out and get hammered with mates, drink probably closer to 10 or 15 over the course of the night - but it's once every couple of months.

    If any of said mates were drinking 4 or more a day, every day - then yeah, i'd be worried and i'd be trying to find them some help, if they'd take it.
  12. You are a binge drinker, no doubt. Drinking to excess like this is binge drinking, nothing to do with the regularity of it.

    They would be alcoholics.
  13. Ok , :? .

    So I go out to a mates birthday at a pub and get there at midday ,I have 1 middy.

    I have another at beer at 1pm with lunch.

    and another one at 2.15 pm when singing happey birthday.

    and another 4,30 pm ,when we are watching the football.

    Footy finishs at 6.30pm and SOUTHS win the game :grin: .
    Say our good bys and DRIVE HOME at 6,30 ,under the limit ,legaly allowed to drive a motor car or bike ,that the limit is set for by the same goverment. :shock:

    How is this bring drinking????

    If you have 4 in an hour then yes I might agree.
  14. Back when my drinking budget was largely dependent on winning bets, I could do four in less than 10 seconds :grin: .

    But seriously, theres a big difference between having four standard drinks by sharing a bottle of wine over a meal, and drinking to such an extent that you end up face down in a puddle of vomit (your own or someone else's :grin: ) in Northbridge in the small hours of Saturday morning.

    As per usual, the wowsers don't seem to be able to tell the difference, or, at least, do not appear to have made much effort to distinguish.

    However, the report upon which the four drinks claim is based has not yet been officially published and so its full contents are not yet public, and also, allegedly, the authors have been careful to avoid the term "binge drinking" as far as possible. I'll reserve final judgment until it's officially released.

    Doesn't alter my opinion that the wowsers have their mitts firmly on the levers of power throughout the English speaking world at the moment though, and it's nothing to do with political colour.
  15. Actually four standard beers a day in the Northern Territory, Kimberly, or the Pilbara is pretty much just replenishing bodily fluids. Which just goes to show that a blanket statement like: "Four standard drinks is binge drinking" or "Four drinks a day and you have an alcohol problem" are just not appropriate for intelligent people to make.

    Let's hope the final report actually has some sense in it. I'm not even a regular drinker, and I hate this sort of government inappropriate over reaction.
  16. Unless it's light beer then no, it isn't - in fact it's doing the complete opposite.
  17. Agreed. What's wrong with water?
  18. Never said I wasn't. :p I'm well aware that it's probably very bad for me. Meh.

    My point is, I'm much more concerned about the one or two friends I have who, at 22, think it's completely normal to be having 4 or 5 a day. Just because they've got the tolerance for it doesn't mean it's ok, but I'm being a little hypocritical now... :LOL:
  19. if you feel the need to drink everyday then you need to take a step back.. i sometimes throw down half a carton a night.. but other nights nothing. i would say i could easily drink 2-3 cases of beer a week.. i'm not boasting i think it sucks as it costs me too much money.
  20. But if you just have a drink (or two) every night because you want to, not need to, then its your own business.

    Then why don't you just stop? If you can't, then you definitely need to take a step back, and probably seek help. Good luck.