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Apparently I should say G'day (& Merry Xmas!)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bee-are-why, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody!

    /action waits for the chorus of: "Hi Dr Nick!"

    ... yeh, I thought it was funny.[-(

    The name's Bry, been a registered user for a million years (yes, before the internet was born) but never really posted anything. Wanted a bike many yrs ago but never had the money, until almost 3 months ago i decided to just go for it... so far almost 6K kms on the clock and I go for my license next Sunday.

    Looking forward to a fun summer of (netrider) rides.

    Riding a GT250R - her name is Kim Chi...she's a scarlet red - yes it's my favourite colour... quickly wanting some more horsies though 8-[

    Some of you have probably already met me, 'cause I've been on a few rides, but I tend to just rock up (without posting)...
  2. Welcome on board Bry. Nice bike to begin with, see you around.
  3. Ah, one of the invisible lurkers. Welcome to your bike and out in to the posting light. Merry Christmas.
  4. Actually I'm pretty sure I already have seen you around - I remember someone saying they were the transformer on here.

    But guaranteed, you'll see more of my face in the coming months!
  5. haha... thanks chris - much appreciated... I'm much more visible in my reds leathers though i'm sure. will see you 'round hopefully.
  6. Now that I'm looking at the pic of you and your bike we did a Sunday learner ride together a few months back when you first picked up your bike. After the ride you went and did the blvd. Can't remember what exhaust you had but it sounded horn and like a Ducati.

    Correct I represent the transformers on netrider :)

    Good luck on your license test as I'm sure you'll ace it.
  7. Welcome to you and Kim Chi :)

    I don't have a name for mine yet.

    I'll see you around in February some time on my Titanium Silver GT650R! I'm going away for 6 weeks on Monday :)
  8. Hi and welcome out from lurking
  9. Ahhh finally you post :)

    Was it you on the scooter run about a month ago???
  10. G'day mate and welcome to posting on Netrider.
    Looking fwd to meeting you on a ride soon.
  11. That was my FIRST NR ride... and probably one of the best rides i've ever been on... you were leader the day if I'm not mistaken... happy to come along to any other rides you may be involved with. :D
  12. haha... thank you all for the welcome messages. :)

    @PilgriM : Yeh... that was me!... which one were you?

    @foxtwo : lol... yours doesn't have a name?... mine even has FB page... when you give your inanimate vehicle a name, feel free to make it friends with Kasey (aka KC... aka Kim Chi) haha
  13. hello, welcome and nice to have met you.
  14. I ride the black & silver Suzuki gs500f...
  15. see you around, officially....
  16. @gogoplata: sorry, i'm aweful with names... all i remember is that I wish i had the bike you were selling... but I (just) missed out. LoL

    @PilgriM: a very small bell is ringing... I'll look for u on the rides I go on :)

    @stuzu: thanks mate... have I met you yet?
  17. Glad you liked it and appreciated. It was a very good ride, route & company. We'll hopefully go on many group rides together in the future :)