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Apparently I have hazard lights...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Noddy78, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Got to the bike yesterday after riding to work ('92 Virago), been out in the rain most of the day, start her up and the indicator light is solid, like it's self-cancelled. "Ok" thinks I, "I'll just hit the cancel button on the indicator like normal".. nothing... light is still on. "Ok" again thinks I, "I'll try flicking the indicator on to the left" All indicators start blinking. "Hmm.. I didn't know I had hazard lights, maybe some kind of weird combination turns them on"... Try to cancel them again.. nothing... indicators flashing all over the shop.

    So, apparently I can either have no indicators, or hazard lights. And then the only way to turn the hazard lights off is to turn the ignition off, which then promptly returns the indicator light on saying the indicators have self-cancelled when I turn the ignition back on.

    Any thoughts on WTF?

  2. My guess would be corroded/wet switch contacts. I assume you can open it up - if so give it a clean with electrical contact cleaner and cotton buds.

    If this is the problem, I'd try to see where the water is getting in and try to stop it - perhaps a thin smear of silicon or something. Make sure everything is completely dry inside before you seal it.
  3. is that a import bike? i know imports have them on all the time and when you flick on the the indicator that side flashes. maybe water as made a contact with a 3rd wire? either that or water as got in somewhere where it shouldnt.
  4. Hhahaha aha aha hahahhaa

    So after pulling the switch assembly apart, checking fuses and grounds and indicator relays and everything I could think of, I gave up... "Should probably see if it still starts after all that" I think to myself (in a manner not unlike my previous thinks)... sit on the bike hit the start switch, no worries, fires up nicely... "Hmm.. hang on, what's that switch just near the starter button.. never really looked at it before.. is says 'Hazard on/off'.. oh no... no... my god..."

    It's got a freakin' hazard light switch!

    I've obviously knocked it on at some point... Hahaa haha... what a noob... please feel free to laugh at my complete ineptitude, I have been for the last hour or so...
  5. If its got reverse gear and electric mirrors I'm buying one.