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Apparently I am a monster hoon and should not have a license

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bonox, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. because according to a new article on buying second hand performance bikes from


    I'm getting less than a third of the tyre life I should be.


    By nature, performance bikes can be expensive to run. Tyres and insurance are where they will eat considerably more money than most. For example, a hard-used litre bike can comfortably eat a set of rubber in 30000km, at $500-plus a pop. Of course a more restrained throttle hand will reduce this, but it also makes no sense to have anything other than the most grippy (and therefore quickest to wear) tyres on a sports machine, if you ever intend to explore its potential.
  2. Gee on my tame horsepower sport tourer I only get 10 000 out of a Pilot Power rear.
  3. don't anybody tell them though! Might make them a bit harder to sell to the uninitiated born again mob!

    My brother still has difficulty with the fact that I can eat a set of tyres in 3,000km :(

    On their comment about a more restrained hand, i'd love to meet the owner of a litre sports bike who can get 40,000km or more from their tyres!
  4. I think someone mistakenly added an extra "0".
  5. From the sounds of that Duke you bring to Sth Bank coffee,I reckon you would be lucky to keep traction in any gear,giving a rear tyre life of a 3 city blocks :woot:
  6. but DAMN is it fun to ride. :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon:
  7. Re: Apparently I am a monster hoon and should not have a lic

    Someone should show this person how to start thier bike.....pushing the bike is fun and all but there are better ways.
  8. I think what they have there is actually called a horse - and if they going to continue feeding it on tyres I'm calling the RSPCA
  9. Obviously written by a bitter old man who just got smoked by a sports bike. :LOL:

    He most likely rides a harley and is upset cause he brought it brand new for $30,000+ and it still leaks oil :p
  10. Someone I knew once was a little pissed that they went through a rear tyre on their blackbird after 2000km ... in two days.

    (no, not on a racetrack either)
  11. Aww you just do what you do with 4WD tyres, leave 'em in the garden shed for 18 months so the rubber hardens up and they last heaps longer!
  12. And they lose a lot of their grip which isn't a problem for a 4WD which will tip over before running out of grip normally but on a bike it's slightly different.......
  13. I have an XVS250 and recently changed its first tyre(rear) after 7 months/17,000km. the guy at the bike shop said that was ok, even though it was showing canvas by then, so I'll be the little monkey customer and believe him! front is soon due, 7.5 months/18,000km!!

    for the record, I give the lil 250 heaps, love scraping pegs and have tried a few burnouts(just to be an extra tosser on a 250) but have found that you have to nose the front wheel on to something solid or else your outta there!

    After that......maybe I AM a monster hoon who shouldn't have a licence, even a 250!!!


  14. Almost done 8,000k on the 12 and still the same tyres.. :shock:
  15. I'm sure if many of us had a grand or so for every Jap bike we've owned that had an oil leak we'd all be rolling in money. :cool:
  16. i wasted a set of pirellis in 3000km... wtf was i doing wrong? :LOL:
  17. Its actually a pretty decent article (besides the extra zero typo)
  18. wow, that article was written by a hard-core bike rider....wasnt it?
  19. that's fine for a 250 on hard tyres (and a low powered 250 at that!), but the original quote was for a 160+hp bike "RIDDEN HARD"
  20. i go through tyres like i go through krispy kremes