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apology to you all - first ride in a while

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ronin11, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. as some of you know, i think i brought a lemon of a bike when i got the across, it doesnt like starting sometimes, and because im impatient, it usually ends up with a flat as a tack battery.. i think the problem might actually be battery, cause this is the second time a charge has got it started, although not straight away.. i dunno.. i need someone to look at it when im having the problem..

    anywayz, the point of the post;
    after getting home from brendans, i decided to put the battery back in the bike (its been charging overnight) and after a couple of almosts.. IT STARTED!!!!!! i nearly fainted.. ive been starting it about weekly, maybe a bit less often for the last moth and letting it run cause i havent had a chance to get on it for a ride.. but last weekend (the first good one we had in a while) i went out to go for a ride and it woudlnt start. MAN was i pissed.. but not this weekend.. i got it going, so i i rush inside, get my gear on.. and went for a bit of a ride.. i only ended up taking a few backroads to williamstown for a smoke.. but it wasnt about where i was going, or the roads i took.. it was me finally being able to get out and enjoy being on the bike..

    im sorry, i lost the faith in riding. i guess i forgot what i was missing out on. not being on the bike for so long i forgot how enjoyable it is to just get on the bike, spin the bottle and go that way.

    im sure you have all experienced it.. its like being a kid and finding your favourite toy from 2 years ago in the bottom of the toybox one day. thats how getting out on the bike was for me today.

    anyway. i just wanted to share that. :) thanks.
  2. Dan, that is so cool, I can hear the excitement in your words.

    Matey, take it to a mechanic, get some TLC lavished on it, and then take it out and treat it like it was built to be treated; they're meant to be ridden, not to be sad in the shed......
  3. Just in case you don't realise......

    Having the bike sitting there running, unless you are holding at a few thousand revs, you are probably draining the battery. The Fire Blade needed to sit on about 4000-5000rpm before the alternator was producing enough power so there was surplus for charging the battery. The Across probably has a different rpm range where it gets above the eletrical drain of all the electrical components but it it more than likely a fair way above idle.
  4. Good on ya Danny.

    Keep the faith man.

    Now get your phaarking licence so you can get through your restrictions!!!


    ps Kmart have a solar cell powered trickle charger!! True. Sounds like you could use one!
  5. :-O !

    My Lego better be where I left it....
  6. That's great Ronin..now you can ride to the testing place TO GET YOUR PHARKIN LICENCE........:)
  7. I used to use the solar charger on Black Betty and it worked a treat.
    Rosalina has a newer technology battery and I haven't needed to charge her thus far.
  8. im kind of hoping its not sitting round enough to wrry about a trickle charger to be honest.. i9 might go score myself a cheap volt-meter and see if there something wrong with it or it is a dud battery..
  9. ALWAYS turn off the fuel tap overnight. The Across I had for a while suffered a kind of back flow o/night if I left the fuel tap on & flooded itself! Then the battery ran down while trying to start it! End result oil filled with petrol needed a major clean out by my mechanic. think he wanted to hit me with a lump of 4 x 2!
  10. :shock: :? Gee.....did Black betty mind...?

    :LOL: :LOL: Couldn't help myself...I'm sure you were refering to your previous 2 wheeled love!..Hope Rosalina doesn't get jealous... :LOL:

  11. Dan mate! Long time no speak hey?!

    My bung arm is coming along nicely and I plan to get the new bike within the month so we have to go for a ride like I promised okay :cool: