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Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Blaise, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Apology to lornetkowiec, Chrome & NOOB

    Sorry about this morning, stupid me forgot to do my helmet up when I left Road Warriors and by the time I fixed it, you were gone. I missed the turn and ended up at Kulnura (go figure??). Went back to Homebush via Old Pac and met up with Chris. Noticed a puncture when leaving Homebush which Chris helped with and then down to Wisemans Ferry.

    Long day (just got home)... McCarrs Creek Rd (twice); Old Pac (there and back); Wismans Ferry (there and back) & Galston Gorge. The slow leak made controlling the bike more difficult and more strenuous than normal. Time for a cool bath!

    Once again Sorry!
  2. lol, we did wonder where you got to. :)
  3. Was there a ride this morning that I didn't know about ;-)

    I couldn't have come anyway, had to get the rear tyre repaired.

    Sounds like a big ride Chris, I hope you have sorted out your plate.
  4. What a coincidence, I scored a puncture yesterday as well. The Plate is sorted out, I now have a black & gold plate on the back and a new rego tube (Rideline) and to be sure, I used locktite on all the bolts!

    PS. At least I know where "Slabs" is now.
  5. Lol we wondered were you went as we turned back and went looking for you, we thoughjt you might have had an off,so be back tracked to roadies and then on to the Pits so we hoped you had went to homebush.
    Also UDLOSE wasnt with us it was lornetkowiec = pete ...

    Cheers Paul.
  6. Sorry Pete... I'll get names right one day!

    I meant to see if Chris had one of you guys mobile number so I could get in touch but with learners and then a puncture (with everyone waiting patiently to go and get lunch), it was forgotten in the moment.
  7. Sorry mate I thought you knew where the slab was! Glad everything turned out ok...we doubled back and figured you just went to Homebush.

    Seeing all these punctures I'm gona invest in a repair kit I reckon. I'd hate to be stranded with a flat
  8. Least you guys went back to look for him unlike some on these boards
  9. Now now, let sleeping dogs lie...
  10. I wasn't there, but apology accepted :p