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...apologies to a rider...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by phongus, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. ...along the Westgate Freeway city bound who was travelling behind a Suzuki Across in camo dragons and black/white shift jacket. Sorry I was riding a little oddly at some point which made you probably confused as to what to do so you went around me quiet awkwardly (well looked like it from my end). Just to clarify...I sneezed as the sun came out and that threw me off for a second...when my body spasm stopped I realized you went around me. My bad.

    I believe it was a 1000 bike in blue/white? Sorry glare and after sneeze made my vision rather blurry.

  2. hehehe sneezes are cute :p i've done the same.

    i once scared the crap out of a dude in a car next to me with his window down and i sneezed twice. he literally must have hit the roof with his head!

  3. Another one who sneezes from bright lights! I get teased badly about it by the missus. Whenever I step outside on a bright day I sneeze violently.
  4. LC I don't want to look cute on a motorcycle...if I did I'd be riding a tricycle :p.

    Smileedude...supposedly it's genetic...but it is a real nuisance when the sun decides to pop out behind the clouds and you go into a couple of sneezing fits.
  5. I'm the same - I've heard its got something to do with light reflecting up your nose and tingling those sensitive nerves. Dunno if its true or not.

    It sure is a real conversation starter for the ladies though!
  6. I heard Dr Karl talking about it once. I can't remember exactly what he said, but its called ACHOO syndrome and people with this will always sneeze the same number of times after bright light exposure. I sneeze twice.
  7. If I have a sneeze teasing me, I'll find a nice bright light source.
    Doesn't work for Wifey though.
  8. I usually go 2-3 times after exposure to sudden sunlight...

    And, like Finn, look for a bright source if there's a tickle hanging around in there.
    I found recently though that I can sometimes just 'imagine' the bright light and set the sneeze off by looking upward as if the Sun were there... even in a dark room!!
  9. I have usually 3...but the 3rd one always immediately follows the 2nd one without a breathe of air causing my ribs to hurt...one day I think I will crack a rib.
  10. My two are usually very close together. Some times I do 2 sets making 4 sneezes, but never 3 sneezes. I sound like a train. Achoo-Choo-------Achoo-Choo.
  11. Last time I sneezed I almost pulled a wheelie !
    Had me wondering... would our boys in blue believe my story had they seen me ....hmm..(probably not) :(
  12. Just whip out your other licence, Nickers. After all, you're cleared to take off ;)
  13. Just show them the snot on the inside of the visor and they'll believe you.
  14. That's ok Phongus, I guess your ambition outweighed your talent.

  15. Hahaha...my ambition was tarnished by sunlight...but at least I stayed upright, so there is a tad of talent :p.

    DisgruntledDog...it wasn't a cold sneeze filled with germs and mucus. It was a random sneeze triggered by stupid sunlight.

    Nickers...I was always concerned about the twitch of the throttle during a sneeze, but lucky for me, the Across is slow and lacks powah.
  16. Something to do with light activating the trigeminal nerve which connects eye and nose. Why it doesn't happpen to everyone I don't know.
  17. Haha, i thought it was a farking wierdo. I've never met anyone else that has that problem.

    I suffer from baaaad hayfever. My record is 40+ sneezes in one go. My wife lost count.

  18. Mate, sorry to hear about that but on a humorous level, if you could record that and put it on youtube, I'd say you'd reach record hits/views !

    I hate sneezing when riding...taking my eyes/concentration off the road for those split seconds concerns me, especially if mid-corner on a tight twistie :D
  19. I try and fight the sneeze if it is tickling me mid corner...seems to work sometimes.
  20. A young woman goes to the doctor. "Please doctor, I have a problem. Every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm."
    The doctor says "I see. Are you taking anything for it?"
    "Black pepper."