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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Menion, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Just saw the news report on the news, doesnt look so good to park in the city monday, the place i park is right in the exclusin zone, mayb take train, leave the bike at home :cry: I will miss her. Anyway, going down to jervis bay wed, till suday to get away from the nightmare, so wont have to put up with it too much. Anyone else park in syd cbd??? what are you gonna do???

  2. As opposed to a news report not being on the new LOL :LOL:
    it is a shame that sercurity measure need to go that far because of a bunch of moronic protestor that dont know what they're protestin about.
  3. I can't wait, actually; some of these morons will get the first wash they've had in years when the new Water Canon truck is deployed :LOL:.
  4. I thought you guys got the day off next week.
  5. Dam iwas guna go protest
    But my bike stoped me by trying to aputate my big toe
  6. oh snap, need 2 drop my mum off @ the airport 2molo... geez... i mite unload the fertiliser from the car... just to be on the safe side
  7. Only workers and merchants inside the 'exclusion zone' in the North of the CBD, smee, for all the rest of Sydney it's pretty much business as usual....
  8. paul, if you look up the industrial relations website, all of greater metropolitan sydney has the day off mate. that includes picton, but not wollongong i think.
    i work right slap bang in the middle of the exclusion zone, parking is not a problem, since i have parking at work, but if the hippies hit the streets, the the whole city is locked down, and you cant get out. so ill just be taking my pushy.
    hippies are gonna protest, no ifs or buts.
  9. My employer is paying me double time and half to work APEC Friday. :grin:
  10. There is a public holiday on friday, but the whole week is going to be crap!!! Im glad im only on till tuesday. Im a chef working in the middle of the exclusion zone, no idea how im going to get my deliveries, or send out functions etc, i think it will make business impossible, but life must go on.
    I just hope i dont get held up TOO much.
  11. Yeah, the public holiday includes a number of suburbs out to around a 20km radius I think. Even the military has said that "any requests for leave over the APEC period should be favourably considered". They just want everyone to piss off basically.

    Apart from parking and barriers, expect the traffic lights to be all over the place. I got caught in one of the convoy trials a week or two ago and got stuck at a set of lights for 10 minutes!!! It was so tempting to run the red after about 5 minutes when there hadn't been a vehicle come through the intersection for ages, but you can almost guarantee that that will be the point that the 40 car convoy(of which 35 will be cops) will come screaming through at 80kph.

    As for the protestors - peaceful my ass! These groups have been holding planning meetings and "workshops" for christ sake on how to circumvent police measures and how to withstand physical means of crowd control being used by the Police. The only way they won't have a confrontation is if they are allowed to go where they want to - which is right into the venue the meeting is being held at. As soon as they hit a barricade they will feel justified in testing it as a right of free speech. Then when the cops do their job and hold them back, the hardcore minority of protestors hell bent on trouble will arc it up and it will be on. That is why the recognised trouble-starters have been issued exclusion notices and will be arrested on sight before they drag the peaceful protestors into a shitstorm. Shame the horses are out of action.
  12. Nah that will give the police the extra edge they need to give the hippies a high pressure shower ! :LOL: :twisted:
  13. Why do they not know what they are talking about.

    I've never worked out why so many people assume that if someone doesn't agree with you then they obviously don't know what they are talking about, ever thought it may be you.

    idontlikemondays, I wouldn't take your pushy that would put you in league with the hippies, and due for a dose of pauls water cannon.
  14. And it is in the bombmakers handbook to use pushbike frames as pipebombs. Apparently the IRA used this method to good effect. That way Critical Mass(who by the way want to do one of the stupid mass rides during APEC FFS!) can be listed as a terrorist organisation! VTIC!
  15. The (APEC) public holiday will apply to the following Local Council Areas:

    Baulkham Hills
    Botany Bay
    Canada Bay
    Hunters Hill
    Lane Cove
    North Sydney

  16. Apart from people saying that the IRA used bike frames, I can find no reference to it outside of people saying "Apparently the IRA used this method", is this like Iraq and 9/11 if you keep saying it, it becomes true...

    As far as I know they were more fond of using semtex and fertiliser. They did plenty of car, and bus bombs (albeit the suicide bus bombs tended not be on purpose), but I don't remember any bike bombs.
  17. its the pushy or the moto, there no friggen way im getting public transport. if i you saw me, i dont think that you would confuse me for a hippy, military no.2, with a footy jersy and a suit bag for work. not a pair of old green fatigues, a t shirt with a socialist icon it, with a beanie, shoulder length hair, with more bolts and studs hanging off my face than what is holding my engine together.
    i also think i have the observation and apptitude to find an alternate point of ingress to where the vocal minority are exercising thier freedom of speech.
    im more worried about the protesters than the cops.

    talking of the IRA, i heard this hilarious story that somehow they got their hands onto a 66mm antitank weapon, and decided to use a taxi for purposes of mobility and firepower. of coarse not being trained in the use of the weapon, they didnt know about the 50 metre BBDA (back blast danger area), any way pulled up out side the cop station, let loose, and im sure you can imagine what happened next.
    the "gunner" on cross examination later told the coppers "by jesus you bastards fire back quick"
  18. i think my mil ID, and letter of employment would get me around cause for suspicion. i friggen hope so anyway :LOL:
  19. I'm still riding in. I hope it's not going to be too bad 8-[
  20. My source was an ex pommie military member who defected. He had been over there when a lot of bad stuff was happening. That is well and truly good enough for me. You do realise that not everything that is true is on the internet! There is this whole other world out there called reality and it is not contained within the bounds of Wikipedia.